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The Ultimate Black Swamp Holiday Gift Guide for Drummers & Percussionists On Your List

Updated: Mar 11

'Tis the season to make some noise! Whether you're shopping for the percussionist in your life or looking to treat yourself to some musical delights, we've got you covered. Black Swamp Percussion offers a range of instruments that cater to musicians of all skill levels. In this holiday gift guide, we'll explore some of the top picks from Black Swamp Percussion, ensuring that your holiday season is filled with rhythm and melody.

Black Swamp Percussion Holiday Gift Guide

Get shopping with our hand picked selection of percussion gear!


Performance Packs: The Perfect All-In-One Gift for Drummers & Percussionists

Get ready to orchestrate brilliance with our thoughtfully curated product bundles designed specifically for concert percussionists. These bundles bring together the essential instruments and accessories needed to master intricate percussion parts and achieve the pinnacle of your musical expression. Whether you're a seasoned performer or navigating the world of concert percussion, these meticulously chosen bundles cater to the demands of your craft, ensuring you have everything required to sound exceptional on stage. Elevate your orchestral compositions with the perfect blend of instruments and accessories, meticulously selected to meet the unique needs of concert percussion. It's time to set the stage for a symphony of unparalleled sounds - these bundles are your key to achieving percussive excellence in the concert hall!

Black Swamp Performance Pack #1

Advanced Pack (BSPack1)

College Students and Professionals

Black Swamp Performance Pack #2

Intermediate Pack (BSPack2)

High School Students and Band Programs

Black Swamp Triangle Performance Pack

Triangle Performance Pack (TRPACK)

Everything you need to travel and perform with professional level triangles, beaters, and accessories. Includes models:


Easy Stocking Stuffers: Perfect Stocking Sized Gifts for Every Percussionist

Wooden Drum Dampener

Black Swamp wooden drum dampener

Our eco-friendly Drum Dampener is a sustainable percussion accessory designed with our planet in mind. Crafted from lumber cut-offs collected during the production of our Unibody solid shells, these dampeners represent a conscious effort to repurpose materials into a beautiful and unique percussion accessory. Featuring a wide variety of exotic and domestic lumber, each dampener is 5" long by 1 1/8" wide, with a felt backing that not only muffles and reduces movement but also preserves the drum's essential tone. In our commitment to sustainability, we've extended our efforts to packaging, utilizing recycled sleeves for the Drum Dampener packaging. Make an environmentally conscious choice without compromising on quality and enhance your drumming experience with our sustainable Drum Dampener.

Tambourine Wax

While every Black Swamp tambourine includes our famous tambourine beeswax, you may find this to be a perfect stocking stuffer for the tambourine player on your list. Traditional beeswax is the choice for most percussionists. Sustainably sourced and a classic feel!

For those who are looking for something new, vegan, and also sustainable - Black Swamp offers a Soy tambourine wax that may look different but has the same tacky feel as traditional beeswax, but without the bees!

Triangle Clip

Black Swamp triangle clip

What good is a triangle without a clip to hold it? Don't forget this essential stocking stuffer!

OneMount™ Tambourine Mounting Clamp

Black Swamp OneMount, tambourine mount

The OneMount™ Tambourine Mounting Clamp is your all-in-one solution for orchestra, band, percussion, or musical theater setups. This versatile clamp swiftly attaches to a cymbal topper or 3/8" rod with a high-strength captive clamp, eliminating the risk of unwanted swaying. Ideal for any size or brand of concert tambourine, frame drum, bodhrán, studio, or shaky-shake tambourine, the OneMount™ securely clamps and unclamps from your stand or instrument in a matter of seconds. Simplify your setup and enjoy the convenience of a single, reliable clamp for various musical applications.


Concert Snare Drums

Multisonic Snare Drum

Black Swamp Multisonic snare drum

The Black Swamp Ply Maple Multisonic snare drum is a top choice in our lineup for its unparalleled versatility and premium features. This drum boasts a seven-ply maple shell, meticulously crafted for a balanced blend of warmth and sensitivity. Available in Cherry Rosewood or Concert Black, its high-gloss finish and precision CNC machining guarantee durability and a sleek appearance. The rounded bearing edge with an inner 45 enhances natural body and clarity, while die-cast hoops and Remo Renaissance heads provide longevity and focus. This 5 by 14 inch drum, positioned perfectly between larger and smaller options, offers adaptability for various musical settings. The Multisonic snare system, featuring five tension-adjustable snare units, ensures unparalleled control over timbre and response. Ideal for concert halls, rehearsal spaces, and percussion studios worldwide, this drum is a universal and adaptable instrument. Elevate your percussion experience with the Black Swamp 5 by 14 Ply Maple Drum - your gateway to exceptional versatility and premium sound.

Concert Maple Snare Drum

Black Swamp concert snare drum

Discover the harmonious blend of quality, affordability, and superior sound with Black Swamp Percussion's Concert Maple snare drum. Featuring a 7-ply maple shell in Concert Black or Cherry Rosewood, and two sizes for varied tonal options, this orchestral gem offers a balanced sound ideal for any musical genre. The ply maple construction, Arch lugs, die-cast strainer, and 2.3mm steel hoops ensure durability and flexibility for musicians of all levels. Special touches, such as rounded bearing edges and a narrow yet deep snare bed, elevate its performance. The custom wrap-around cable snare unit with two contrasting cables provides dynamic control, while strategic mounting enhances the drum's superior sound. Crafted for limited budgets and budding percussionists, the Concert Maple stands as a testament to Black Swamp's commitment to excellence in musical craftsmanship. Explore sound samples on our website and YouTube channel, and share your preferences with us. Keep drumming, and let the music resonate!


Orchestral Tambourines

SoundArt Chromium/Bronze Tambourine

Black Swamp SoundArt tambourine with chromium and bronze jingles

The SoundArt Chromium/Bronze combination tambourine (TC1) is the perfect tambourine for anyone passionate about percussion. Crafted with precision and versatility, this tambourine features a solid steam-bent ash shell and dual-sized jingle slots, providing a rich and dynamic sound during performances. Choose between a Remo Renaissance head (model TC1S) offering consistent tension regardless of humidity or the traditional translucent calf head (model TC1) an option preferred by most orchestral percussionists. The unique in-house hammered jingles come in various types and configurations, with a standout combination of chromium-25 and phosphor bronze jingles for unparalleled versatility. Whether you're a student, educator, or professional musician, the TC1 is the ideal orchestral tambourine, known worldwide for its sonic excellence and distinctive design.

Overture Tambourine

Black Swamp Overture tambourine with brass jingles

The Overture Tambourine, Model TDOV, marked the debut of our entry-level instruments under the Overture name. Crafted by percussionists for a distinct band and orchestral sound, this tambourine features a 10-inch ply maple shell, providing a lighter alternative for younger students learning tambourine techniques or older students expanding their vocabulary. The durable ply shell, while more budget-friendly than solid shells, maintains strength through nested and glued layers of maple veneer. Adorned with hammered brass jingles, the tambourine delivers a bright, traditional orchestral sound suitable for various performances. Topped with a Remo Renaissance head, exclusively shaped for the Overture tambourine, this synthetic head ensures consistent tension, exceptional feel, tone, and response while resisting humidity. The Overture Tambourine is designed to offer pride in performance for students and peace of mind for band directors, providing instruments tailored for musical situations without compromising quality or breaking the budget.



Artisan 6" Steel Triangle

Black Swamp artisan steel triangle

Elevate your holiday performances with the exquisite Artisan Steel Triangles – a musical gem that effortlessly transcends from the grandeur of the world's top concert halls to the heart of local high school stages. Perfectly positioned for inclusion in your festive repertoire, the Artisan line is an ideal starting point for any triangle collection. Its versatile sound and outstanding playability allow you to weave articulate rhythms, execute seamless rolls, and explore an extraordinary dynamic range. This holiday season, dive into the joy of music-making with Artisan's four distinct sizes, ensuring you have the perfect soundscape for both timeless classics and contemporary compositions. Gift yourself or the percussionist in your life the gift of musical excellence, and let the Artisan Steel Triangles harmonize your holiday celebrations with brilliance and precision.

Triangle Gig Pack

Black Swamp triangle gig pack, padded bag

Effortlessly organize your triangle essentials with the Triangle Gig Pack – a practical solution that ensures you arrive well-prepared without compromising on style. This pack includes dedicated pockets for beaters, holders/clips, and can accommodate triangles up to 9 inches. Conveniently zipping up into a handled case, it's a straightforward yet stylish way to keep your triangle gear in check for every gig. Because when it comes to triangle playing, simplicity and functionality go hand in hand.


Instrument Accessories

Pro Castanet Mounting Frame

Black Swamp pro castanet mounting frame

Upgrade your playing experience with the Pro Concert Machine Frame, designed to effortlessly transform your BSP castanets into "machine" style castanets. Crafted from powder-coated aluminum, this frame eliminates the hassle of knobs, offering a user-friendly experience. With two sets of mounting holes equipped with custom-made rubber gaskets, simply slide the handles in place and start playing. The frame's universal mounting hole and rubber isolators along the bottom edges showcase Black Swamp's commitment to versatility and functionality. Elevate your percussion setup with this user-friendly and innovative addition, turning your castanets into a concert-ready powerhouse.

MultiLeg Set

Black Swamp multilegs on a white vintage concert bass drum

A sleek solution for positioning your existing bass drum horizontally without the need for chairs. Inspired by the groundbreaking Multibass, these lightweight telescoping legs effortlessly clamp to the bass drum hoop, offering adjustable height and angle options. Unlike other similar products, the Multilegs stand out for their compactness, reduced weight, and quick attach/detach capabilities. The specially designed isolation leg tip ensures optimal retention of the bass drum's lower frequencies. An added advantage is that the Multilegs only clamp on the bottom hoop, allowing for tuning adjustments without removal. With telescoping legs ranging from 15 to 33 inches, the Multileg provides versatility and convenience for percussionists seeking a simple and effective solution for multiple percussion setups. Upgrade your bass drum experience with the efficiency and innovation of the Multileg.


This holiday season, make your percussionist's dreams come true with gifts from Black Swamp Percussion. From the resonant Multisonic Snare Drums to the visually stunning SoundArt Series Tambourines, every instrument reflects the commitment to quality and passion for percussion that defines Black Swamp Percussion. Explore their range, find the perfect gift, and let the music play on this festive season!


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