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Session Plus Tambourines

Session Plus Tambourines effortlessly navigates between classic and contemporary musical settings. Whether you're performing at an intimate acoustic session, energetic rock concert, worship service or recording studio, these instruments tailor to the moment with grace and precision.

Session Plus Ash Shell

Tambourines are constructed from the same solid Ash shell used in our World Class SoundArt orchestral models.


Modifications to our standard depth and jingle slots reduces shell weight and increases maneuverability.

Session Plus Stick Guard

A rubber guard is installed to protect the shell when playing with a stick, or protect your palms when rocking out by hand.

Session Plus Jingles.jpg

A variety of jingle options are available for a musical cross section of color, articulation and "vibe"

Aged Brass
a mellow, vintage vibe

10" Double Row
model: TSPD-AB

TSPD-AB 1200px.jpg

10" Single Row
model: TSPS-AB

TSPS-AB 1200px.jpg

Chromium 25
crisp, bright and articulate

10" Double Row
model: TSPD-CH

TSPD-CH 1200px.jpg

10" Single Row
model: TSPS-CH

TSPS-CH 1200px.jpg

German Silver
bright, wet and traditional

10" Double Row
model: TSPD-GS

TSPD-GS 1200px.jpg

10" Single Row
model: TSPS-GS

TSPS-GS 1200px.jpg

Chromium 25 / Bronze mix
color, texture and sustain

10" Double Row

TSPD-CHBRZ 1200px.jpg

10" Single Row

TSPS-CHBRZ 1200px.jpg

Included with every
Session Plus tambourine

Black Swamp padded tambourine case

A plush padded

tambourine bag

model: TB-10

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