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Wood Drum Dampener

Designed With Our Planet in Mind

Our more sustainable drum dampener is constructed from lumber cut offs collected during our Unibody solid shell manufacturing, and fully repurposed into a beautiful new percussion accessory item.

Drum Dampener Lumber


Drum Dampeners are made from lumber cut offs and repurposed into a unique instrument accessory.


Features a wide variety of exotic and domestic lumber reused for drum dampener construction.

Black Swamp Percussion drum dampener felt back


Dampeners are 5" long by 1 1/8" wide. Felt backing both muffles and reduces movement, while still retaining the tone your drum needs to sound its best!

Drum Dampener Packaging


Besides repurposing lumber, we are also utilizing a recycled sleeve for BSDD packaging. 

Black Swamp Percussion drum dampeners made of wood

Wood Drum Dampener
model: BSDD

sold individually

SPECIAL NOTE: No special order lumber requests. Dampeners are randomly selected when delivered to our network of retailers.

Black Swamp Percussion blog logo

Want to dig deeper? Visit the Black Swamp Blog to learn more about our wooden Drum Dampener.

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Look for our “mark of sustainability”, noting products have been designed with the impact on our planet in mind.

These efforts allow us to create something unique utilizing materials that would have otherwise been considered waste, or materials purchased specifically for their contributions to sustainability.

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