Be a World Class Performer

At Black Swamp Percussion, we are percussionists who have the same commitment and passion for the Art of Percussion as you do. This drives us to craft concert and orchestral percussion instruments that are sonically, functionally, and visually superior to all others. Ultimately, we hope these instruments will inspire your music making and performing for a lifetime. 

Made in Michigan

All Black Swamp products are manufactured in our Zeeland, MI headquarters by experienced craftsmen and trained musicians!

Black Swamp Artists & Educators

Black Swamp is honored to work closely with educators and performers from all over the world!

"The beauty of sound, the attention to detail, and always looking to the future. Thank you Black Swamp Percussion"

Paolo Cimmino

BSP Artist Endorser

Paolo Cimmino

Artist Video Lessons

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6.5" x 14" Unibody Walnut snare drum with chrome hardware and a Black Swamp Multisonic snare system.

Orchestral Snare Drums

An extensive selection of shell and strainer options to fit any musical need.

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