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Beyond the Triangle: Crafting Musical Expression, Select Bronze and Spectrum Steel Triangle Beaters

Updated: Mar 14

Introducing Black Swamp's New Bronze Select and Steel Spectrum Triangle Beaters

steel spectrum and bronze select triangle beaters

When it comes to percussion, the triangle often takes center stage in the realm of humorous sporting event halftime commercials. However, for dedicated percussionists, the triangle is no laughing matter. It's a versatile instrument that adds color, nuance, and pulse to a wide range of musical genres. If you're a gigging percussionist, you understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. That's why Black Swamp is thrilled to introduce two new triangle beater options into our catalog: the Bronze Select and Steel Spectrum Triangle Beaters.

Releasing the Bronze Select Beater

black swamp bronze select triangle beaters

Our original Select Series, featuring rod-style beaters with three different diameters of rod, has been a staple for percussionists seeking clarity and precision. Building on this success, we're introducing the Bronze Select Beater, available as a single or double set. These new bronze beaters complement their stainless steel siblings with a darker, richer tone while maintaining the clarity of sound that percussionists demand.

The Bronze Select beaters are more than just an addition to the lineup; they are a solution for percussionists seeking a warmer tone with added color to enhance their musical expression. Whether you're navigating through extended rhythmic passages or contributing to the texture of orchestral pieces, the Bronze Select Beater is your go-to choice for a well-rounded sonic experience.

Exploring the Stainless Steel Spectrum Triangle Beaters

black swamp steel spectrum triangle beaters

In addition to the Bronze Select, we're excited to introduce the Stainless Steel Spectrum Triangle Beaters. This innovative addition to our Spectrum series features three different sizes of end-weighted torpedoes mounted on a steel handle with a rubber grip. The lineup is completed with our popular teardrop beater, now available in stainless steel.

Stainless steel, known for its hardness, creates a brighter tone and provides extra articulation from your triangle. The end-weighted design activates ample overtones with enhanced definition, making the Stainless Steel Spectrum Beaters a perfect choice for percussionists seeking a more articulate sound.

Diversity in Sound: Select vs. Spectrum

Black Swamp's commitment to providing percussionists with a diverse range of sound options is evident in our Select and Spectrum beater series. The Spectrum Beaters produce a dark, wide spectrum of overtones and complex sonority within the triangle, making them ideal for isolated notes or simple rhythms. The weight concentrated at the end of the handle creates a unique sound profile that percussionists love.

steel and bronze select triangle beaters

On the other hand, the Select Beaters continue to be a top choice for general-purpose use. The weight distribution within the rod results in a balanced feel and a clear response, with a distinct "tick" that enhances articulation during busier passages.

steel spectrum triangle beaters

With the introduction of the Bronze Select and Stainless Steel Spectrum Triangle Beaters, percussionists now have four distinct options, each catering to specific preferences and musical scenarios. Whether you're aiming for relative pitch, bright or dark articulation, or overtone complexity, Black Swamp has you covered.

Triangle Beater Sound Samples

In the world of percussion, precision and sonic versatility are paramount. Black Swamp's commitment to innovation and quality is evident in the introduction of the Bronze Select and Stainless Steel Spectrum Triangle Beaters. These additions expand our catalog, offering percussionists an even broader range of options to elevate their triangle game.

Whether you're a seasoned percussionist looking to refine your sound or a musical director seeking the perfect tool for the job, Black Swamp's new triangle beaters are designed to meet your needs. Embrace the warmth of the Bronze Select or the articulation of the Stainless Steel Spectrum, and let your triangle take center stage with confidence and precision. Elevate your musical expression with Black Swamp's latest offerings and experience the difference that the right beater can make in your percussion journey.


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