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Multilegs for Bass Drums

The Multileg is a simple and elegant solution for using your existing bass drum in a horizontal position. The lightweight telescoping legs clamp directly to the bass drum hoop, and adjust to your desired height and angle. Put away the chairs!

The Multileg was inspired by our landmark Multibass. You can use any bass drum you have and mount it at a flat or slightly angled position for use in multiple percussion setups. Our legs have distinct advantages over other products that do similar things.

The Black Swamp Percussion Multilegs™ will fit on any bass drum for a horizontal mounting position.
  • The Multilegs are lighter and more compact, and are quicker to attach and detach.

  • A specially designed isolation leg tip retains more of the bass drum's lower frequencies.

  • ​Since the MultiLegs only clamp on the bottom hoop, you can tune the bass drum without removing them from the drum.

  • Legs telescope in length from 15 to 33 inches.

Set of 3 Legs
model: MLEG3

Fits Any Size Drum

BSP Multilegs fit any size bass drum

If the drum has a wood hoop, it fits. It's easy to get your drum into any position you need. Place the Multilegs at an equidistant spacing around the hoop, then adjust for height and angle. Make sure you lift the drum to move so you don't damage the hoop.

Tune Without Trouble

BSP Multilegs are the only solution that make tuning easy while the leg is still attached.

Want to tune the drum? No problem, just go ahead and tune. Other products need to be removed or loosened first. A specially designed rubber isolation foot keeps your bottom end from escaping to the basement.

Smart, Easy Clamping

BSP Multilegs have a clamp that will not damage your bass hoop. The soft knob won't scratch other nearby drums.

Rubber cushions on every contact surface prevents damage and keeps it securely on the hoop. Even the clamp knob is rubberized to keep it from scratching other drums that are nearby. You're right, we do think of everything!

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