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Our Unibody™ Solid Shells are crafted in our own facility using hand-picked prime lumber which is bent, machined and assembled by experienced craftsmen. Solid shells have an added dimension of body and sensitivity not found in other types of wood shell snare drums.  

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Unibody Strainer Options

Click pic below to learn more about each snare system.

Multisonic System
SoundArt System
SoundArt Snare System
Unibody Shell Options

Unibody Shell Options

Click pic below to learn more about each shell option.

Unibody Bocote
Unibody Maple
Unibody Purpleheart
Unibody Cherry
Unibody Ambrosia Maple
Ambrosia Maple
Unibody Walnut
Unibody Cocobolo
Unibody Birdseye Maple
Birdseye Maple
Unibody Zebrawood

How to Purchase

Contact your preferred Black Swamp retail partner to purchase a Unibody snare drum.

We understand purchasing a drum with this level of response, performance and sophistication can be an investment. Feel free to reach out to us directly with specific questions you might have before making your decision.

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Included with every Unibody drum

The Black Swamp drum key is made to last a lifetime!
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