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Leggiero Tambourines

Leggiero means lightly, delicately, or gracefully. This perfectly describes the response and timbre of our Leggiero concert tambourines, speaking with the brightest and clearest articulation of all our tambourine models.



Leggiero tambourines have a solid Cherry shell, which is shorter and lighter than our other double row models.


Jingle Slots

The single size jingle slots means jingles have less space to travel when moving within the shell



Features the same Chromium 25 and German Silver jingles as our SoundArt series, only in a smaller diameter.



The lighter shell, smaller jingles and single size slots creates an articulate tambourine with a quick response.


10" Double Row / Calf head
4 rows of Chromium 25 jingles
model: LGTD1

LGTD1 Leggiero Tambourine

10" Double Row / Calf head
1 row of Chromium 25 jingles
3 rows of German Silver jingles

model: LGTC2

LGTC2 Leggiero Tambourine

Included with every BSP tambourine

Black Swamp padded tambourine case

A plush padded

tambourine bag

(10" tambourines only)

model: TB-10

Black Swamp thumb roll beeswax

Super turbocharged

thumb roll beeswax

model: BWX

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