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Bags and Cases

Don't worry, we can help keep your BSP gear safe and intact with a variety of durable, typically padded, and surprisingly water proof cases and bags.

Triangle Gig Pack
model: TGP

The Triangle Gig Pack is a nice way to organize all your triangle gig needs. Because c'mon, triangle playing is bread and butter, and you need to arrive in style. It has pockets for beaters, holders/clips, and holds triangles up to 9". It all zips up into a nice handled case. Sorry, beaters, clips, and triangles not included.

Triangle Bag / Small
model: AT-SB

Small triangle bag

Our padded triangle bags will keep your favorite BSP triangles warm and safe for generations. AT-SB fits up to an 8" triangle.

Triangle Bag / Large
model: AT-LB

Large triangle bag

Model AT-LB will fit up to a 10" triangle, holding our Artisan and Legacy Bronze model triangles equally as well.

Castanet Case
model: HCC

handled castanet case

Don't let your other hardware gang up and attack your unprotected castanets. Keep them in our durable castanet case. Castanets not included.

Temple Block Case
model: TBCASE

Give your temple blocks a fighting chance to survive the tour or band trip! The BSP Temple Block Case is tough, light, and easy to transport by carrying like a suitcase or rolling it on the ground with the integrated wheels. Egg crate foam grabs and secures the temple blocks and prevents them from moving in the case. 

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