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Multisonic Snare Drums

The Multisonic Concert Snare Drum is the ultimate choice for the modern snare drummer. Introduced in 2002, The Multisonic Snare System meets the challenge of repertoire spanning centuries, and allows you to instantly and silently switch combinations of cable and wire, giving the discerning artist complete control over the voicing and character of the drum.

The Multisonic Snare System

The BSP Multisonic is the most advanced, versatile, and silent snare system of its kind in the world. Five separate snare units can be tensioned and activated in any combination to suit your musical situation, tuning and performance space.

Sample Configurations

Multisonic snare wires

Engage 2-3 snares at a time to maximize response.

Multisonic Snare Configuration - General Use

Blue, Stainless & Wire
General Use

Multisonic Snare Configuration - Dry and Throaty
Multisonic Snare Configuration - Bright and Delicate

& Gold

Dry & Throaty

Stainless, Wire
& Stainless

Bright & Delicate

Dialing in the Multisonic

Want to dig deeper? Visit the Black Swamp Blog to learn more about tuning our Multisonic snare system.

Black Swamp Arch Lugs

Arch Lugs

Exclusive Arch style tube lugs are modern, classy and designed by us!

Black Swamp Die Cast Hoops

Die-Cast Hoops

Die-cast hoops stay in tune longer and help focus the sound of the drum.

Black Swamp Stainless Steel Tension Rods

Tension Rods

Stainless steel tension rods operate smoothly for consistent tuning.


Remo Heads

Enhanced sensitivity and character with Remo Renaissance heads.

Snare Drum Features

Multisonic Shell Options

Black Swamp Multisonic ply-Maple Snare Drum

Ply Maple

Maple shells offer an excellent balance of characteristics that have made it a workhorse in concert and orchestral music for over a century. Our bearing edges are shaped to bring out the natural body, warmth, and clarity that maple has to offer.

  • 5" x 14" and 6.5" x 14" Sizes

  • Concert Black or Cherry Rosewood Finish

Black Swamp Multisonic Titanium Snare Drum

Titanium Elite

Titanium is inherently crisp and articulate, but retains a pleasing warmth that will surprise and delight your ears. These drums "play deep" and have an exceptional tuning range. All the hardware holes are cut by laser, and we then craft the bearing edges and satin finish by hand.

  • 5.5" x 14", 6.5" x 14", and 7" x 14" Sizes

  • Brushed Satin Finish

Black Swamp Multisonic Medallion Brass Snare Drum

Medallian Brass

Brass is a commanding voice in your snare drum arsenal. It's bright and very sensitive, with a character that can cut through the thickest orchestral textures. However it still retains a measure of tone due to the thin wall and flanged bearing edges. 

  • 5" x 14" and 6.5" x 14" Sizes

  • Black Nickel or Torch Patina Finish

Black Swamp Multisonic Unibody Snare Drum

Unibody Steam Bent Solid Shell

Our Unibody™ Solid Shells are crafted in our own facility using hand-picked prime lumber. Solid shells have an added dimension of body and sensitivity not found in other types of wood shells. Play a BSP solid shell snare, and watch your colleagues turn their head!

Included with every Multisonic drum

The Black Swamp drum key is made to last a lifetime!
BSP Cleaning Cloth
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