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Symphonic Field Drums

When an authentic field drum sound is called for, call on the roar and punch of a Black Swamp Symphonic field drum. These drums embody the true spirit of a field drum sound within a classic design aesthetic. The heart of our sound comes from a soft roundover bearing edge that is cut into a thin 5-ply maple shell with 5-ply reinforcement rings. The thin shell serves to produce a deep and robust tone, while the reinforcement rings add punch and definition. 

The SoundArt Snare System

Symphonic Field Drums feature our Arch Throw with SoundArt snare system, blending 3 snare units together for a consistent tonal and dynamic response at all playing levels.

3 Individual Snare Units
Black Swamp SoundArt Snare Units
Units Engaged Simultaneously
Black Swamp Field Drum Strainer
Classy Arch Style Design
Black Swamp SoundArt Tension Knobs
Black Swamp SoundArt Master Tuning Knob
Adjust Snare Unit Tension Individually
Master Snare Adjustment
Black Swamp Field Drum Lug
Tube Lugs

Black Swamp tube lugs have a solid construction and unique detail.

Black Swamp Field Drum Hoops
Hoop Options

2.3mm hoops on 12" x 15" drums. Die-Cast or 2.3mm available for 10" x 14".

Black Swamp Field Drum Tension Rods
Tension Rods

Stainless steel tension rods operate smoothly for consistent tuning.

snare drum head
Remo Heads

Enhanced sensitivity and character with Remo Renaissance heads.

Field Drum Features

Field Drum Models

Field Drum / 12" x 15" 6-ply Maple
2.3mm hoops

Field Drum / 10" x 14" 6-ply Maple
die-cast hoops

Included with every field drum

The Black Swamp drum key is made to last a lifetime!
BSP Cleaning Cloth
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