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RecPlate Percussion Mount

We know the RecPlate might look like some medieval torture implement, but it's actually a system to hang all those little things you have to play. The unique shape was determined by extensive real-world use and consultation with performing percussionists. If you need a mounting solution, this is the answer.

Black Swamp Percussion RecPlate

Included with the RecPlate:

  • Zippered case

  • Two 3/8" kurled posts

  • Four reusable hang ties

  • Two double side Velcro strips

Measures 20.125" long and 2.5" wide.

model: RecPlate

RecPlate with assorted percussion instruments and accessories

The RecPlate can be mounted onto a cymbal topper at the center for most applications, or at both ends for more stability when hanging heavier instruments like chime tubes. On one side there are hook cutouts for hanging gongs or other cord mounted items, plus two long slots for hanging almglocken with the included velcro.

On the other side are slots for hanging triangles and triangle beaters. The triangle beater holders are designed so BSP Spectrum beaters can't fall out. In the middle there are slots for mounting accessories with the knurled posts. If you mount crotales on the RecPlate, there is a special hook at either end of the plate for hanging up a bow.

RecPlate with assorted percussion instruments and accessories
Crotale mount
Crotale on a mount

Crotale Mount

Mount a single crotale anywhere along the RecPlate using the same mounting system as the knurled posts.  RecPlate will comfortably hold 5-6 crotales depending on size.

crotale not included

model: CRMOUNT

MultiPlate Post

MultiPlate Posts

Extra posts are available to help mount more fun, percussive stuff!  Available in sets of 2.

model: MPPOST

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