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Rock Maple Wood Blocks

Aren't all maple wood blocks basically the same? Nope. There's more to it than is obvious. The sound quality of a wood block is dependent upon the quality of maple, the orientation of the grain, and the precise machining of the slot. The obsessive attention we pay to these details is why our wood blocks outperform other Maple wood blocks in sound quality and durability. 

wood block lumber


Strict standards results in prime lumber that is clear, tight grained and perfect for wood blocks.

wood block grain


The tight grain runs vertically across the soundboard to increase strength and projection. 

wood block sound hole

Sweet Spot

The generous sweet spot of each block (even the tiny) helps provide a clear tone and confident accuracy. 

wood block mounting kit


Streamline your set up with our wood block mount. Click HERE for more info.

XLarge / 10.5" long
model: MWB0

Black Swamp XLarge Woodblock MWB0
Black Swamp Large Woodblock MWB1

Large / 8.75" long
model: MWB1

Medium / 8" long
model: MWB2

Black Swamp Medium Woodblock MWB2

Small / 6.5" long
model: MWB3

Black Swamp Small Woodblock MWB3

Tiny / 5.5" long
model: MWB4

Black Swamp Tiny Woodblock MWB4
Black Swamp Woodblock Multiclamp Mount Kit

Wood block Multiclamp Mount Kit 

Our clamp attaches to the back of your Rock Maple Wood block using supplied screws, grommets and clamp. The clamp fits a standard 3/8" knurled post for convenient placement in multi-percussion set ups, marching front ensembles set ups, or claustrophobic theatre pit set ups.

Black Swamp Woodblock Mount

What's included


Installation directions

Wood block Mount
model: MWBM

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