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Concert and Orchestral Snare Drums

Handmade concert and orchestral snare drums designed for a superior level of performance in every musical situation. Various strainer systems and shell types allow percussionists at any level to not only easily sound their best, but also discover their own musical voice.




Snare Systems

Click a drum to view snare system details and models.

Multisonic snare drum in cherry rosewood gloss finish
Multisonic snare system
Multisonic snare system


The world's most definitive orchestral snare drum. 

Mercury SoundArt snare drum in concert black finish
Mercury SoundArt snare drum strainer system
Mercury SoundArt snare system


Speak with unparalleled clarity and articulation.

Titanium SoundArt snare drum
SoundArt snare system with arch throw
SoundArt snare system with arch throw


The industry's original integrated trio snare system.

Dynamicx cocobolo unibody snare drum
Dynamicx curly snare wires
Dynamicx curly snare wires


Drumset snare drums for the discerning player.

Pro10 studio snare drum
Pro10 studio snare drum cable snare wires
Pro10 studio snare drum cable snare wires

Pro10 Studio™

Progressive Tension in a "set it and forget it" design. 

SoundArt field drum
SoundArt field drum snare system
SoundArt field drum snare system

Field Drums

True field drum punch, presence, and rumble.

Concert maple snare drum
Concert maple snare drum cable snare wires
Concert maple snare drum cable snare wires

Concert Maple

A real concert drum sound at an affordable price.

Shell Options


Shell Options

Click a shell type to view specific models and sound samples.

Which Drum is Right for You?


We admit...there's A LOT to consider when purchasing a snare drum: size, strainer option, personal preference, price and more. Click the link below to view our snare drum buying guide and let us help!

Wood Drum Dampener

Designed With the Planet in Mind

Our more sustainable drum dampener is constructed from lumber cut offs collected during our Unibody solid shell manufacturing, and fully repurposed into a beautiful new percussion accessory item.

Group of wooden drum dampeners
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