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Triangles, Beaters & Accessories

Capture the right sound for the musical moment with our broad selection of triangle sounds. We offer steel and brass triangles along with a complete choice of beaters and holding devices. Precise manufacturing methods and rigorous quality control ensures that you will receive an instrument worthy of your lifetime of music making.

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Wide Dynamic Range

Bronze group shot_hires.jpg

Lush and Brilliant Overtones


Versatility and Dependability


Clip, Bags and Cases


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What Triangle Should I Buy?

We admit...there's A LOT to consider when purchasing a triangle: contrasting metals, size, personal preference, price and more. Click the link below to view our triangle buying guide and let us help!

Di Sanza Triangle Trigger

Designed in collaboration with Anthony Di Sanza, the DTT allows for exceptional triangle sound and performance using sticks, mallets, or hands. Provides a solution to performance situations where time won't allow tradition playing techniques.

Di Sanza Triangle Trigger
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