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Bentwood Temple Blocks

There had been nothing like it before. Temple blocks made from a single ply of Ash bent into a curved, organic shape, harkening back to the days of the carved Chinese temple blocks. The warm, open tone is what refined artists expect from a temple block. The BSP Bentwood Temple Blocks are mastery in sound and instrument woodcrafting.

temple block construction


The solid Ash body and Finnish Birch plywood sides creates a unique and exceptional sounding temple block.

4 temple blocks


Rounded shape increases the "sweet spot" of the block, producing a warm, round tone reminiscent of traditional temple blocks.

temple block mounting bar


Each block is mounted with a clamp which fits over a 3/8" knurled post, creating the freedom to place the blocks in any arrangement.

temple blocks mounted


Our custom solid maple mounting bar places the front edge of each block in line, making them easier to play confidently.

temple block mounting bar clamp


The mounting bar can attach to any existing cymbal stand with a multiclamp integrated into the construction of the bar.

temple blocks, triangle trigger, tambourine


Blocks can be rearranged or used in combination with other instruments in multi-percussion or theatre pit set ups. 

Black Swamp TBSET5 Temple Blocks

Set of 5 blocks
pitches (low to high): C/D/F/A/C
model: TBSET5

Black Swamp TBSET6 Temple Blocks

Set of 6 Blocks / pentatonic
pitches (low to high): C/D/F/G/A/C
model: TBSET6

Temple Block Case

Give your temple blocks a fighting chance to survive the tour or band trip! The BSP Temble Block Case is tough, light, and easy to transport by carrying like a suitcase or rolling it on the ground with the integrated wheels. Egg crate foam grabs and secures the temple blocks and prevents them from moving in the case. Case is made by SKB - the leader in musical instrument case manufacturers.

Black Swamp Temple Block Case TBCASE

Temple Block Case
model: TBCASE

Black Swamp Temple Block Case TBCASE open
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