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Pro10 Studio Snare Drums

The Pro10 Studio™ concert snare and field drum are perfect for settings where there are many musicians handling equipment. Using our Arch throw, we designed a snare system that makes Progressive Tension (Pro10) easy to use and hard to mess up. The snare end pivots and locks, keeping it set even with rigorous institutional use. 

The Pro10 Snare System

The snare end pivots to create the perfect amount of gradual tension from thick to thin cable. This results in more snare response at the loudest and softest dynamics.

Progressive Tension
Black Swamp Pro10 Studio Snares
Multiple Cable Types on a Single Unit
Black Swamp Pro10 Studio Snare End
Pivot Snare End for Adjustment
Black Swamp Pro10 Studio Arch Throw
Black Swamp Pro10 Studio Master Adjustment
Design Matches Arch Style Lugs
Master Snare Adjustment
Pro10 Studio 9-ply Maple Shell
Maple Shell

9-ply Maple shell for a commanding sound that blends well with ensembles.

Pro10 Studio Steel Hoops
Steel Hoops

2.3mm hoops tune easily and provide an open, full sound.

Pro10 Studio Stainless Steel Tension Rods
Tension Rods

Stainless steel tension rods operate smoothly for consistent tuning.

Remo Heads

Enhanced sensitivity and character with Remo Renaissance heads.

Snare Drum Features

Pro10 Studio Models

Snare Drum / 6.5" x 14"


Field Drum / 10" x 14"

Video in Process.png

Field Drum / 12" x 15"


Included with every Pro10 Studio drum

The Black Swamp drum key is made to last a lifetime!
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