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Black Swamp Percussion tambourines have become the very definition of a true concert tambourine sound. Our tambourines are used by the very top percussionists and musical organizations around the world. When your tambourine is used for modern works, as well as within orchestras with centuries of history, you know you're doing something right.

Black Swamp Percussion SoundArt Series Tambourines

The Original World Class Performer

Black Swamp Percussion S3 Series Tambourines

Sensitive, Subtle and Sophisticated

Black Swamp Percussion Overture Series Tambourines

Light Weight and a Quick Response

Black Swamp Percussion Overture Series Tambourines

The Value of Good Sound

Click a pic to view full details and listen to instrument sound samples.


Click a model to view full details and sound samples.

Terms to Know

WET: longer jingle sustain

DRY: shorter jingle sustain

BRIGHT: higher relative pitch

DARK: lower relative pitch

What Tambourine Should I Buy?

We admit...there's A LOT to consider when purchasing a tambourine: jingle configuration, shell option, personal preference, price and more. Click the link below to view our tambourine buying guide and let us help!

Calf Head Replacement

Trying your hand at replacing the calf head on your tambourine, and want to see how it's done first? We have a tutorial video for that! 

THR-10 1200px.png

Calf Head Replacement Kits

10" Tambourine
model: THR-10

12" Tambourine
model: THR-12

Additional Accessories

Black Swamp padded tambourine case

A plush padded

tambourine bag

(10" tambourines only)

model: TB-10

Black Swamp thumb roll beeswax

Traditional beeswax for tambourines.

model: BWX

BWXS 1200px.jpg

Sustainable tambourine wax made from soy.

model: BWX-S

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