"Always at the forefront of creative innovation and inimitable sound quality, Black Swamp Percussion has done it again with their "game changing" MultiBass drum."

Morris Palter - University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Multibass Drums

Designed in conjunction with Morris Palter, the Multibass™ is a multiple percussion bass drum like no other. Extendable legs attached directly to the drum puts the bass drum in exactly the spot you need for modern performance applications. 

Morris needed a bass drum that set up quickly, easy to transport, was highly adaptable, and most importantly had a sound that worked for modern percussion literature. The BSP Multibass accomplishes all these goals with flying colors. With extensive R&D time invested into the function and sound, our Multibass has become recognized through the world as the best solution for the modern multipercussionist.

  • 5 ply Maple shells with low height, interference free hoops

  • Custom bearing edges for a warm, musical, and punchy sound

  • Lightweight telescoping legs designed to preserve "bottom end"

  • Arch2 lugs and REMO® Renaissance Powerstroke 3 heads

  • Available in Satin Concert Black Stain and Figured Anigre veneer

"The Black Swamp Multibass drums have become one of our most commonly used instruments in the University of Tennessee Percussion Studies program. They are regularly used in setup solo repertoire, Percussion Ensemble, Contemporary Music Ensemble, and Wind Ensemble – now that we have them we’re not sure how we ever lived without them and they sound fantastic in every situation!"

Andy Bliss - University of Tennessee
Arch2 Self Aligning Lugs

Our exclusive Arch2 lugs were designed specifically to match the unique look of our famous arch style tube lugs found on upper level BSP snare drums. The self-aligning tension rod receivers ensure easy and consistent tuning.

Low Profile Hoop

Hoop lugs are attached directly to the low profile bass drum hoop, and will not shift around like traditional claws to scratch the hoop or affect the tuning. Our hoops decrease stick interference during performance (and save your knuckles).

Telescoping Legs

The telescoping legs are made from lightweight aluminum, and quickly adjust up or down to easily position the bass drum high or low, angled or flat. They tuck away against the shell for transport, and the bass drum fits in a case made for the same diameter of the drum.

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