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New Black Swamp Products at PASIC 2023

Updated: Jan 24

Black Swamp Percussion is excited to debut several new and reimagined products at PASIC 2023!

This year we are debuting and reviving 5 new products. We've updated our selection of triangle beaters with new Bronze Select and Stainless Steel Spectrum beaters - a perfect beater choice for our rereleased Arch Bronze triangle. These triangles were first released for our 25th Anniversary but our now back by popular demand! In the spirit of bringing back fan favorites, we've reimagined our Symphonic Gong Mallet and Gong Rollers. With an updated design and new construction, these mallets will be a welcome addition to your mallet collection. Last but not least is our brand new Session Plus Tambourines. These are the first official headless model tambourine from Black Swamp Percussion and reflects the same character and world class design and sound that you know and trust with our Orchestral tambourines. The Session Plus adds a new crossover instrument that can be used in a variety of scenarios with 8 different jingle configurations to choose from.

This products will be available for a first look at PASIC 2023 and will be available for purchase later this year.


Session Plus Tambourines

Creating a headless tambourine seems like something Black Swamp should have done ages ago - the truth is that we've always wanted to! However, we needed to make sure it would be up to the sound and quality standards of our world class orchestral tambourines. And so, after many prototypes and refinements, we are excited to announce the Session Plus Tambourine!

The Session Plus Tambourine effortlessly navigates between classic and contemporary performance settings. Whether you're performing at an intimate acoustic session, a pit orchestra, a lively rock concert, a worship service, or a recording studio, this instrument adapts to the moment with grace and precision. Each model offers a world of sonic possibilities, empowering you to adapt, evolve, and express yourself in music like never before.

  • 8 different jingle configurations to choose from

  • Lightweight & durable solid ash shell

  • Versatile sound and feel

  • Rubber stick guard


Arch Bronze Triangles

Black Swamp is excited to reintroduce the Arch Bronze Triangles. These popular triangles were first developed for our 25th Anniversary and now are back by popular demand.

These triangles are constructed from ⅜” dimpled Bronze rod and are manufactured from start to finish in our facility. The Patina Bronze finish offers a rustic appearance with a darker tonal character and lower fundamental pitch than our Legacy Bronze triangles.

  • Patina Bronze finish

  • Arched sides

  • Lower fundamental compared to Legacy Bronze triangles

  • Available in 6" & 7" sizes


Bronze Select Triangle Beaters

Select Beaters continue to be a great choice as a general purpose triangle beater. Now with the addition of a Bronze, rod style beater for "more triangle and less beater".

The weight of a Select beater is distributed equally within the rod. This results in a balanced feel and a clearer response with more “tick” to the sound for enhanced articulation during busier passages. Now with a Bronze option entering the lineup, this articulation is rounded out into a warmer tone with added color to each stroke.

  • Great general purpose beaters.

  • Dark & Warm tone

  • Clarity during fast rhythmic passages.

  • Color coded grip for quick identification.

  • Each set includes a Cordura case.


Stainless Steel Spectrum Triangle Beaters

Spectrum beaters have always been the go-to beater for bringing out the dark and colorful overtones from within the triangle. The addition of a Stainless Steel Spectrum beater gives you even more options to experiment with.

Because the weight is concentrated at the end of the handle, these beaters are most appropriate for isolated notes or simple rhythms. The new Stainless Steel options within the Spectrum beater series allows for a more articulate choice with brightened tone.

  • End-weighted beaters.

  • Stainless Steel provides brighter attack

  • Maximum overtone spread from any triangle.

  • Stainless steel handles with rubber comfort grip.

  • Each set includes a Cordura case.


Symphonic Gong Mallets & Rollers

Symphonic Gong Mallet

This re-vision of our old gong mallet is meeting the needs of modern percussionists by keeping what works and doing away with the rest. The two sided mallet head gives you two beaters in one, and no compromises on performance. The long, weighted beater head adds consistency to each stroke, evening out dynamics with its dense construction.

The smaller end of the mallet is harder, adding more articulation and point to the front end of the sound, creating a direct response to the note being played. The larger end of the mallet is softer with a foam rubber beneath the outer felt. This side creates a rounder, warm tone and is the go-to option for most performance scenarios.

The different sides will also accommodate different sized gongs and help bring out the unique overtones in each gong.

  • Two sided mallet head

  • Small feet to set mallet on the ground

  • Hanging cord on end of handle for easy playing/storage

  • Solid ash handle

  • Birch laminate beater head

Symphonic Gong Rollers

These gong rollers have been revived from the vault and now accompany the Symphonic Gong Mallet as a perfect gong rollers.

The rollers have the same material construction and attention to detail as the Symphonic Gong Mallet and make rolling feel natural and smooth. The smaller size of these mallets allows them to also be used for smaller tam tams or Boa Gongs

  • Birch laminate mallet head

  • Solid ash handle

  • Can be used for smaller Tam Tams


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