The BSP Collective

The BSP Collective is a collection of percussion solos composed by a selection of BSP Artists and Educators exclusively for Black Swamp Percussion!  

For this project, each composer was asked to write music that not only demonstrated their talent, creativity and compositional voice, but also incorporated instruments offered by Black Swamp Percussion. 


The character and nature of these solos cover a range of styles, genres, and levels of complexities. High School percussionists will find several of the solos accessible, with an opportunity to advance to pieces appropriate for College and professional level recitals...essentially, music that speaks to everyone!

BSP Scholarship

This project is also intended to "give back" to the percussion community.  All composers involved in the BSP Collective have generously agreed to donate their royalty payments to the project.  Proceeds from each sale will then be collected and awarded as an annual BSP Scholarship for students participating in a Summer music camp or festival requiring tuition.  

How to purchase

Keeping it in the BSP Family, Josh Smith (BSP Artist) is publishing The BSP Collective through Ox and Lamb Publications, LLC.  Visit their website linked below to make a purchase and start practicing!

Meet the Composers

Click a composer's pic below to learn more about their contribution to the BSP Collective, including musical examples, program notes and instrumentation!

Tim Adams
Keith Aleo
Rich Burrows
Adam Campbell
James Campbell
Scott Deal
Jamie Drake
MB Gordy
Cory Hills
Terry Longshore