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Overture Tambourines

Our Overture model has higher quality components than other "value" priced tambourines, which means you won't have to buy the same cheapo tambourine over and over again. Of course, the Overture has a quality tambourine sound that is full and rich, designed and made by the experts at BSP.

A ply-maple tambourine shell with the words "Black Swamp Percussion" printed in black.

Features a Maple ply shell with a durable high gloss finish and dual sized jingle slots.

A synthetic tambourine head mounted on a Black Swamp Overture tambourine.

The Remo Renaissance head maintains a consistent head tension with exceptional feel, tone and response.

Two sets of brass jingles on an Overture tambourine. Hammer markings can been seen across the jingles.

Textured brass jingles for a full and rich sonority. Great for general purpose band and orchestra playing.

A pin in the shell of the tambourine holds two sets of brass jingles in place along the shell of the Overture tambourine.
Jingle Pins

Captive pins so jingles will never fall out!

10" Double Row / Remo head
model: TDOV

TDOV 2023 1200px.jpg

Included with every BSP tambourine

A black nylon padded tambourine case with the "Black Swamp Percussion" logo printed in white across the center of the case.

A plush padded

tambourine bag

(10" tambourines only)

model: TB-10

A white tube of Black Swamp thumb roll beeswax.

Super turbocharged

thumb roll beeswax

model: BWX

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