"Black Swamp rosewood castanets have a clear, powerful sound, and a rich, beautiful look. The elastic-free tension system means outstanding durability all through Mannheim Steamroller's vigorous Christmas tour."

Tom Sharpe - Mannheim Steamroller

Pro Concert Castanets

Black Swamp Pro Concert Castanets speak with a solid, impressive tone from forte to piano, and rip simple or complex rhythms with ease. You've never sounded so Flamenco. We make them with Purpleheart  and Grenadillo in our own facility for complete quality control. Each chip is CNC machined, then voiced by hand (and by a musician's ear) so you get the most musical and consistent castanets available.

Purpleheart Castanets 800sq.jpg
Purpleheart Castanets - Model # PCC3-PH
Grenadillo Castanets - Model # PCC3-GD
Black Swamp Castanet Up Close
CNC Machined for Precision, Voiced and Finished by Hand

While our CNC machine (computer numerical control) carves the precision, the castanets can only sound great after it's hand voiced and finished by a musician's ear. This is why you will only find a superior level of clarity, response, and fullness in a Black Swamp castanet.

Black Swamp Castanet Handle
A Handle Design Unrivaled in Response and Playability

The innovative handle is the key to the unmatched performance of BSP castanets. Play them on your knee or in the air (don't even try that with any other castanet). Play them at all dynamic ranges, and rip some redoble rolls like you were a flamenco artist. Our new design took years to perfect and can do it all without elastic or adjustment knobs.

Black Swamp Castanet Machine Frame CMF
The Black Swamp Castanet Machine Frame

This converts your BSP castanets into "machine" style castanets. Our castanet frame is constructed from powder coated aluminum with no more pesky knobs to twist and turn. Simply slide the handles into two sets of mounting holes with custom made rubber gaskets and start playing. A universal mounting hole, and rubber isolators along the bottom edges, add versatility and functionality...a Black Swamp specialty! Castanets not included. Model # PCMF.

Black Swamp Castanet Case
Keep them protected

Don't let your other hardware gang up and attack your unprotected castanets. Keep them in our durable castanet case. Model # HCC.

Redoble Roll

A redoble is a fast castanet roll that can be performed using our concert castanets. Simply turn your castanets over (knob facing down) and play even single strokes on your knee. With some speed and pressure experimentation, you'll be rollin' in no time!

Do you have a previous generation set of BSP castanets with the elastic system that needs repair? Tim shows you how to get your castanets back in the game. You can also download a PDF with the directions by clicking on the icon.

Pedro Carneiro - Percussionist, Composer, Conductor

"I used rosewood castanets for my recording of Cassiopeia, a concerto for percussion and large orchestra by renowned Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu. The castanets are, in fact, the first instrument to be heard in the piece. They have a powerful, yet sumptuous tone."

Pedro Carneiro - Percussionist, Composer, Conductor