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Introducing the Session Plus™ Headless Tambourines

Updated: Mar 14

We lost our heads with this one.

Black Swamp Percussion is thrilled to announce the launch of our Session Plus headless tambourines. While creating a headless version may seem like a straightforward decision for a tambourine manufacturer, the journey to perfecting our Session Plus took years of contemplation, design exploration, and dedication to delivering an instrument that complements our existing lineup in terms of sound, aesthetic, and performance. Let's dive in:

Jingles (hear sound samples!)


Tambourine Jingles:

The absence of a head on our Session Plus models results in a clear, robust, and pure jingle sound. We've selected distinct and versatile sonorities to cater to various musical preferences.

Chromium 25

a single chromium jingle held between a finger and thumb

There are two models featuring our Chromium 25 jingles; the single row TSPS-CH and double row TSPD-CH.

Chromium 25 offers a bright, articulate timbre, ideal for those seeking a crunchy and precise sound.

You can find this same jingle type on the Black Swamp TD1 and TD1S SoundArt models. As well as a smaller variation of this jingle in the LGTD1 Leggiero tambourine. The cutting nature of these jingles is dry and focused which can make fast rhythms speak clearly and defined.


German Silver

a single silver jingle held between a finger and thumb

There are two models featuring our German Silver jingles; the single row TSPS-GS and double row TSPD-GS.

German silver provides a bright and wet tone, with more sustain, making it a universal jingle suitable for any performance.

These jingles are visually and sonically bright and smooth. Rolls and accents have a fluid balance that rings more than the Chromium 25 option. You will find these jingles on our SoundArt TD3, TD3S, TC2, and TC2S. A smaller version of this jingle is also found on our Leggiero LGTC2 tambourine.



a bronze and chromium jingle held between a finger and thumb

There are two models featuring our combination jingles; the single row TSPS-CHBRZ and double row TSPD-CHBRZ.

A combination of Chromium 25 and phosphor bronze jingles delivers a dark sonority with added bite, offering a versatile option.

This combination of jingles is on our most popular model tambourine, the SoundArt TC1 and TC1S. The contrast of bright and dark, wet and dry, offer a balanced sound that speaks within all dynamic ranges and all performance applications.


Aged Brass

a single aged brass jingle held between a finger and thumb

There are two models featuring our aged brass jingles; the single row TSPS-AG and double row TSPD-AG.

The aged brass jingle option provides a subtle yet unique texture, adding a vintage character to the sound. These jingles are found in the S3 series tambourines, which are described as Sensitive, Subtle, and Sophisticated. When applied to the headless Session Plus tambourine we found a different adjective surface in our brains; vintage. The gentle sizzle of warm rounded tones of these jingles are reminiscent of Motown and modern LoFi and Indie music.


Tambourine Shell:

two tambourines stacked on one another with the black swamp percussion logo showing

The core of the Session Plus tambourine features a solid ash shell, similar to our popular SoundArt series tambourines, ensuring a solid yet lightweight feel. The natural, modern look with ash grain popping under the clear gloss finish enhances the instrument's aesthetic appeal.

two tambourines jingles viewed up close

Available in double or single row configurations, intentional design tweaks aim to reduce weight and increase maneuverability. We’ve reduced the single row Session Plus shell by ⅛” when compared to our other single row models. The double row version isn’t just our normal double row depth either. We’ve cut ⅜” off the shell and moved the dual sized jingle slots closer together. The reduction in shell size for both single and double row versions contributes to a more comfortable grip, essential for extended playing sessions.

a close up look at two different sized jingle slots on a session plus tambourine

The double row Session Plus tambourine stands out with dual-sized jingle slots, allowing for a broader sound. This version, while heavier, offers a fuller presence and denser texture, making it ideal for multi-percussion setups or behind the drum kit.


Headless Tambourine Stick Guard:

close up of the rubber guard on two session plus tambourines

A permanent stick guard around the front half of the tambourine protects the shell during stick play, ensuring longevity and shielding your hand during enthusiastic performances. Beyond instrument protection, the stick guard minimizes the harsh sound of stick-to-shell contact while preserving musical definition and jingle clarity. The rubber guard also provides enough friction to perform traditional finger/thumb rolls.

close up of the rubber guard on two session plus tambourines stacked on one another


The Session Plus Tambourine effortlessly adapts to both classic and contemporary musical settings. Whether you're performing in an intimate acoustic session, an energetic rock concert, a pit orchestra, a worship service, or a recording studio, these instruments gracefully tailor to the moment with precision and versatility. Each Session Plus model opens up a world of sonic possibilities, enabling you to adapt, evolve, and express yourself in music like never before.


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