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Log Drums

When we set out to create log drums, we wanted to present a functional yet beautiful set of instruments. From our trend-setting flanged tongues with their curved cut divider, to the elegant finish, the beauty of our log drums is only matched by its earthy, authentic sound. But here is the most unique part - we make them with our own hands in our own shop. This is the BSP difference.

log drums design


The Baltic Birch resonator box is built to last with classy dovetail joints and ply construction.

log drums soundboard


The soundboard is solid rock maple, producing a warm, full, traditional sound.

log drums tongue


The flange-shaped tongue provides focus and volume, with an elegant curved divider.

log drums strike zone

Sweet Spot

Pitches are marked Hi and Lo for immediate identification, with approximate sweet spot targets. (each drum is a little bit different)

LOG4 log drum

XLarge / 38" long
model: LOG4

LOG3 log drum

Large / 30" long
model: LOG3

Medium / 25" long
model: LOG2

LOG2 log drum

Small / 20" long
model: LOG1

LOG1 log drum

Full Set of 4 Drums
model: LOGSET

set of 4 log drums
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