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Triangle Beaters

If you own a triangle, you'll need something to strike it with. Black Swamp Percussion offers a diverse variety of triangle beaters, depending on musical expression, rhythmic passages or budget.

Spectrum™ Triangle Beaters

  • End-weighted beaters.

  • Made from an exclusive bronze alloy.

  • Maximum overtone spread from any triangle.

  • Stainless steel handles with rubber comfort grip.

  • Each set includes a Cordura case.

Black Swamp Spectrum Single Triangle Beater Set SPSET1
Single Set (3)
model: SPSET-1
5/16" Spectrum Beater - SPEC2
Medium - 5/16"
model: SPEC2
Black Swamp Spectrum Double Triangle Beater Set SPSET2
Double Set (6)
model: SPSET-2
3/8" Spectrum Beater - SPEC3
Large - 3/8"
model: SPEC3
1/4" Spectrum Btr - SPEC1
Small - 1/4"
model: SPEC1
Black Swamp Teardrop Beater - SPEC4
model: SPEC4

Select™ Triangle Beaters

  • Great general purpose beaters.

  • Made from quality stainless steel.

  • Clarity during fast rhythmic passages.

  • Color coded grip for quick identification.

  • Each set includes a Cordura case.

Black Swamp Select Single Triangle Beater SET-3
Single Set (3)
model: SET-3
Black Swamp Select Single Triangle Beater SET-6
Double Set (6)
model: SET-6
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