S3 Series Tambourines

When you need a sound that blends well and speaks delicately, choose an S3 Series tambourine. S3 stands for Sensitive, Subtle, and Sophisticated, and was designed as a complementary voice to our more dominant sounding SoundArt line. 


S3 tambourines have a solid, steam bent Cherry shell, which is lighter and less dense than the Ash found on our SoundArt tambourines.

Jingle Slots

Parallel jingle slots are two different depths. This allows the jingle sets to contact the shell at different times, creating a fuller, more robust sound.


Aged Brass jingles produce a Sensitive, Subtle, and Sophisticated sound for those musical passages that require delicacy.


SoundArt tambourines are available with either translucent calf, or Remo Renaissance heads.  Click HERE for more info.


10" Double Row / Calf head
model: S3TD

S3TD S3 Series Tambourine

10" Double Row / Remo head
model: S3TDS

S3TDS - 1200px_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Head Comparison Video

Synthetic head tambourines offer more resistance to pitch changes while still producing a professional sound. 

10" Single Row / Calf head
model: S3TS

S3TS S3 Series Tambourine

10" Single Row / Remo head
model: S3TSS

S3TS Calf 1200px.jpg

Included with every BSP tambourine

Black Swamp padded tambourine case

A plush padded

tambourine bag

(10" tambourines only)

Black Swamp thumb roll beeswax

Super turbocharged

thumb roll beeswax