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Eco-Friendly Drum Dampeners by Black Swamp

Updated: Mar 8

Sustainability sounds really good.

We‘ve redesigned our existing drum dampener, shifting to a larger size with a combination of wood and felt materials. The updated model features a balanced weight, reducing movement while still retaining the tone your drum needs to sound its best!


Designed with our planet in mind.

Facing the Facts

  • According to findings from the EPA, the average American yields 4.4 pounds of trash every day. Multiply that by 323.7 million people and you’ve got around 728,000 tons of garbage per day.

  • The United States is responsible for 12% of the planet’s trash while only being 4% of the globe's population, as stated in a 2019 post from Senior Environmental Analyst, Niall Smith.

  • National Geography published an article sited that 91% of plastic isn't recycled.

These facts only scratch the surface of what challenges we currently face not only in the United States, but a world that has yet to adopt a sustainable mindset for creation. It is imperative that we all take action to create a more sustainable world for future generations. The Black Swamp drum dampener is the first of many steps we are taking to create products with the future of our planet in mind.

Drum Dampeners Construction

The Drum Dampeners (model BSDD) are constructed from lumber cut offs collected during our Unibody solid shell manufacturing. You can learn about our steam bending process in this video. The scraps yielded from this process would normally be considered waste, but now they are fully repurposed into a beautiful new percussion accessory item. Distinct & Unique

black swamp wooden drum dampeners

Because we manufacture a wide variety of Unibody solid shell options, the availability of exotic and domestic lumber reused for drum dampeners is just as varied. This includes walnut, cherry, cocobolo, zebrawood, maple, bubinga, cocobolo and more! No single dampener will look the same!

Special Note: Although dampeners are manufactured from a variety of solid shell cut offs, models will be shipped to our network of retailers at random. No special order requests.



black swamp eco friendly packaging

Also look for our “mark of sustainability”, noting products have been designed with the impact on our planet in mind. ♻️ For instance: besides repurposing lumber, we are also utilizing a recycled paper sleeve and biodegradable sticker for the drum dampener packaging. This helps us ensure a zero waste effort from start to finish.


Sound Samples

One of the most import aspects of this design is how it sounds on your drum! We made sure that our intentions to create a sustainable product did not interfere with the sound quality that the accessory produces. Take a listen to Jr. performing a brief sound sample on one of our Zebrawood Unibody Multisonic snare drums with a matching zebrawood drum dampener.

Looking Forward

As we continue to develop new products made from reusable, recycled, and/or sustainable materials we are also implementing efforts around the shop. We've recently started a shop wide recycling and composting program through a local CSA called Eighth Day Farm, to create healthy and sustainable habits in our everyday tasks and reduce waste whenever possible.

Feel free to watch and share our launch video which details our efforts with the new eco-friendly drum dampener and let us know what you think of our new product.


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