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TD1 tambourine jingle close up

SoundArt Series

Chromium 25 Tambourines

Chromium 25 jingles are very bright, articulate and crunchy. As the tambourine is "played in," it will be an extremely articulate sound that is surprisingly full bodied. 

10" Double Row / Calf head
model: TD1

TD1 Chromium 25 Tambourine

10" Double Row / Remo head
model: TD1S

TD1S Chromium 25 Tambourine

Head Comparison Video

Synthetic head tambourines offer more resistance to pitch changes while still producing a professional sound. 

10" Single Row / Calf head
model: TS1

TS1 Chromium 25 Tambourine

12" Single Row / Calf head
model: T12-1

T12-1 Chromium 25 Tambourine

Included with every BSP tambourine

Black Swamp padded tambourine case

A plush padded

tambourine bag

(10" tambourines only)

model: TB-10

Black Swamp thumb roll beeswax

Super turbocharged

thumb roll beeswax

model: BWX

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