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Overture Tambourine: The Entry-Level Overachiever

Updated: Feb 14

When it comes to choosing an entry-level tambourine for your students, you want an instrument that is not only affordable but also capable of producing the rich and vibrant sound needed for orchestral and band performances. That's where the Overture TDOV Tambourine comes in. This instrument is the first of its kind in the Overture line, designed by percussionists to meet the specific needs of students and educators alike.

Let's take a closer look at what makes the Overture TDOV Tambourine a great choice:


Shell: Lightweight and Durable

Black Swamp Percussion printed on handle of tambourine shell

The core of the Overture TDOV Tambourine is a 10-inch ply maple shell, which is lighter than some of our solid ash (SoundArt) or cherry (S3 & Leggiero) models. This makes it an ideal option for younger students who may find heavier instruments difficult to handle. Moreover, the lighter weight of this tambourine allows for easier learning of essential tambourine techniques.

For older students, the Overture TDOV Tambourine presents an excellent practice instrument to expand their tambourine vocabulary. Its lightweight nature enables users to experiment with a wide range of playing techniques and styles.

Despite its affordability, the ply shell is still a sturdy and durable option. The thin plys of maple veneer are nested and glued together, adding strength to the instrument. This tambourine can withstand the rigors of regular use and provide reliable performance for years to come.


Jingles: Bright and Traditional Tambourine Sound

close up of hammered brass jingles

At the core of the Overture Tambourine is a meticulously crafted shell that houses its signature sound. This tambourine features a 10-inch ply maple shell that is both sturdy and lightweight. However, it is the arrangement of hammered brass jingles on the shell that gives this instrument its distinctive sound. These jingles are strategically positioned in a double-row formation, offering a full and balanced sound between the jingles and head of the tambourine.

The hammered brass jingles are specifically designed to provide a bright and traditional orchestral tambourine sound. They produce a warm and clear sound that blends beautifully, making this tambourine perfect for band and orchestra performances. The jingles are constructed to withstand heavy use, ensuring reliable performance throughout the life of the instrument.

In addition to its professional-grade sound, the Overture Tambourine is also an affordable option for musicians who want to explore the sound of an orchestral tambourine without breaking the bank. The double-row formation of the jingles provides a full-bodied sound that is suitable for a wide range of musical genres and playing styles. Whether you're a beginner or a professional musician, the Overture TDOV Tambourine offers a versatile and high-quality option for all your tambourine needs.


Head: Consistent Tension and Exceptional Tone

Overture Tambourine

The Remo Renaissance head that crowns the Overture Tambourine is an integral component of this instrument. The synthetic head is designed and shaped exclusively to fit the Overture Tambourine, ensuring that the instrument produces its characteristic sound. The synthetic head is specifically designed to maintain a consistent tension, providing exceptional feel, tone, and response.

The synthetic material of the Remo Renaissance head is highly resistant to environmental factors such as humidity and temperature changes. This feature is especially important for touring musicians or performances that take place in outdoor settings. The synthetic material can withstand a variety of conditions and maintain its high-quality sound, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

The synthetic material also provides a significant advantage over traditional calf heads, which can be affected by changes in humidity and temperature. The Remo Renaissance head is a durable and reliable alternative to calf heads that musicians can rely on for consistent performance.


Proud Tambourine Performance Guaranteed

At Black Swamp, we are committed to providing musicians with instruments that they can rely on for years to come. The TDOV Overture Tambourine is a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Despite its entry-level status, this instrument offers the same level of quality and performance as our higher-end models. We believe that every musician deserves an instrument that they can be proud to perform on, regardless of their level of experience.

Whether you're a student, educator, or professional musician, the Overture Tambourine offers a versatile and high-quality option for all your tambourine needs. This instrument is perfect for band and orchestra performances, as well as a wide range of other musical genres and playing styles.

To hear the full potential of the TDOV Tambourine, take a listen to the sound sample below. We are confident that you will love the sound and feel of this instrument as much as we do.


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