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Our Multisonic snare system celebrates 20 years as the worlds most innovative orchestral snare drum strainer!

To help celebrate, we've assembled some exclusive performance content, behind the scenes commentary and a special product promotion.

Follow the link below to learn more about the Multisonic snare system.

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Product Promotion

As part of our latest Sound Solution Project, receive 10% off Multisonic snare drums purchased through Steve Weiss Music!

Offer valid now through May 15th

Explore Multisonic Shell Types

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Ply Maple

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History & Design

Stroll down memory lane with Eric Sooy, BSP founder and Multisonic designer. Learn about Eric's inspiration and creativity which led to the development of this World Class snare system.

Performance Videos

Several BSP Artists & Educators have contributed exclusive video content to help showcase the versatility of the Multisonic snare system in a variety of performance situations.

Educational Resources

Dig deeper into the application, function and potential of the Multisonic snare system.