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Symphonic Gong Mallets and Rollers

Black Swamp Percussion's Symphonic Gong Mallets and Rollers are engineered for precision and control in percussion performance. Dual playing surfaces—soft and hard—ensure consistency and versatility. Crafted with durable Birch bases and solid ash handles for enhanced durability and weight distribution. Experience unparalleled musical expression with Symphonic Gong Mallets and Rollers.

gong rollers laying down


Layers of foam and felt over a ply Birch core. Simple and functional for rolling on tam tams and striking smaller gongs.

Gong Mallet


Dual purpose design for robust tam tam performance. Two playing surfaces on a ply Birch mallet head and solid ash handle.

Gong mallet head, small side

Mallet / hard

More focused attack and enhanced articulation. Effective for repeated notes and smaller instruments

Gong mallet head, large side

Mallet / soft

Designed for a softer performance or adding weight behind a powerful stroke. 

Black Swamp Percussion symphonic gong mallet

Symphonic Gong Mallet

Black Swamp Percussion symphonic gong rollers

Symphonic Gong Rollers

Full Details

Mallet Head

The Symphonic gong mallet boasts a dual-purpose design, offering versatility for performers. In response to feedback, we streamlined the mallet's construction, consolidating its playing surfaces to two distinct options: hard and soft. Constructed with a ply Birch base, the mallet features a longer and slightly heavier design compared to its predecessor, enhancing strike consistency and providing added force for a more robust gong response.


Large Side

Designed for softer playing, the wider side of the mallet base features a layer of spongy foam beneath felt, ideal for larger instruments and achieving nuanced tam tam attacks. However, it's worth noting that stroke velocity and distance remain key factors in dynamic control, allowing for both subdued and resonant performances.


Small Side

Conversely, the smaller side of the mallet offers enhanced articulation, boasting a harder foam layer beneath felt for precise, direct sound production. This side is particularly effective for repeated notes and smaller instruments, where a more focused attack is desired.


Additional Features

The mallet head incorporates four rubber feet at its base for stability when not in use, while a convenient cord attached to the handle facilitates easy transportation. The handle itself, crafted from solid ash, has been elongated for improved weight distribution and maneuverability. Furthermore, felt wrapping around the playing surfaces serves as a buffer against unwanted wood-to-metal contact, ensuring seamless performances.


Turning attention to the rollers, our original design remains largely unchanged, emphasizing simplicity and functionality. Constructed with a ply Birch core and solid ash handle, the rollers feature the same foam and felt composition as the large end of the gong mallet, delivering a broad fundamental tone when in use.


Sold as a pair, these rollers offer effortless maneuverability on gongs, yet each roller can stand alone as a versatile tool for smaller instruments such as tam tams, wind gongs, and more.

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