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Unveiling the Arch Bronze Triangles: Elevating Percussion with Rich Tones and Unique Textures

Updated: Mar 14

unveiling the arch bronze triangle

As a percussionist, you understand the importance of having a diverse array of instruments at your disposal. Each one contributes to the symphony of sounds you create, adding depth and nuance to your musical expressions. Today, we're thrilled to introduce a must-have addition to your percussion toolkit - the Arch Bronze Triangles.


A Tale of Unveiling: From Anniversary Celebration to Catalog Staple

While we say "new," these Arch Bronze Triangles made their debut as part of our 25th-anniversary celebration in 2020. The overwhelming response and sustained popularity prompted us to bring them back as a permanent fixture in our catalog. We heard you, our community of percussion enthusiasts, expressing admiration for these instruments, and we are delighted to fulfill the demand.

Craftsmanship that Resonates: The Art of Arch Bronze Triangles

two black swamp arch bronze triangles on a cocobolo background

The Arch Bronze Triangles are meticulously crafted in-house from a dimpled 3/8-inch bronze rod, offering options in both 6 and 7-inch sizes. The rustic patina finish adds a touch of elegance to these instruments. However, the simplicity of their appearance belies the complexity of the process that went into shaping their distinctive tone.

Developing the perfect tone, color, and complexity required a journey of trial and error. We envisioned a sound that would captivate percussionists, and after rigorous experimentation, we knew we had something truly special.

Setting Them Apart: Arch Bronze vs. Legacy Bronze

two black swamp arch bronze triangles on a cocobolo background

Let's delve into what sets the Arch Bronze models apart from our existing Legacy Bronze line. Both the Arch Bronze 6 and 7-inch models use a 3/8-inch diameter rod, while the 7-inch Legacy Bronze models employ a slightly thicker 7/16-inch diameter rod. Now, why does this matter?

The thinner Arch Bronze material results in a lower relative pitch for the 7-inch triangle compared to its Legacy Bronze counterpart. Much like the impact of hammering a cymbal or modifying a triangle rod, altering the shape influences the sound. The curved sides of the Arch Bronze Triangle contribute to a darker texture with added complexity.

The Symphony of Sound: Exploring Tone, Color, and Complexity

When we talk about complexity in this context, we're referring to overtones. If you've had the pleasure of playing or hearing our Legacy Bronze Triangles, you're likely familiar with the deep overtones they produce, creating a rich and complex sonority. The Arch Bronze models share this quality but bring a denser and moodier overtone profile.

While the sustain remains consistent between the Arch Bronze and Legacy Bronze Triangles, the Arch models introduce a darker visual and sonic color. In contrast, Legacy models maintain a brighter, more shimmering quality.

Enhancing Your Percussion Journey: Adding Depth and Texture

For percussionists, playing the triangle can sometimes feel like a demanding occupation. Adding the Arch Bronze Triangle models to your arsenal opens up new possibilities, providing a broader palette of colors and textures. This isn't just about playing the notes on the page; it's about infusing life into your music.

Whether you're a seasoned percussionist, an educator shaping the next generation of musicians, or a dedicated music enthusiast, these Arch Bronze Triangles invite you to explore a world of sonic richness. Elevate your performances, make your music more intriguing, and let the Arch Bronze Triangles become an integral part of your musical journey.

Arch Bronze Audio Video Sound Samples

We are proud to present these exquisite instruments, born out of passion and refined through dedication. The Arch Bronze Triangles are not just percussion instruments; they are tools for elevating your artistry. Welcome them into your repertoire and let the music resonate with a new depth and complexity.


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