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Overture by Black Swamp Percussion

Updated: Feb 14

Whether you're a seasoned percussionist or just starting out, the overture Series is the perfect addition to your musical arsenal. From the practice room to the performance hall, these instruments will elevate your sound to the next level.


The Overture Series: Affordable and Accessible to Any Level of Musician

Black Swamp Percussion has announced the launch of its new Overture Series, which expands the popular Overture tambourine into a line of world-class percussion instruments. The series is designed to provide high-quality sound at an affordable price point, making these instruments accessible to musicians of all levels. The new Overture Castanet machine and wood block set join the popular Overture tambourine in this innovative product line.

The Overture series has been designed to provide students, educators, and musicians of all kinds with an instrument they’ll be proud to perform on. These products uphold the Black Swamp standards of design and performance, all while providing an affordable line of world-class percussion instruments accessible to any level of musician. These instruments are durable, have exceptional sound quality, and are a sensible value, making them an excellent choice for any percussionist, band director, or studio musician.

overture instruments including a tambourine, castanet machine, and wood block set


The Overture Tambourine: A Catalyst for the New Overture Series

overture tambourine

The Overture tambourine (model TDOV) was the first entry-level instrument with the Overture name, providing an affordable option for young percussionists, and other instrumentalists looking to get a quality orchestral sound without breaking the bank. The core of the Overture tambourine is a 10-inch ply maple shell, which is lighter than Black Swamp's solid ash or cherry models, making it easier to maneuver for younger students or for older students looking to expand their tambourine collection. The ply shell is durable, as the thin plys of maple veneer are nested and glued together, adding strength to the instrument. The tambourine is outfitted with hammered brass jingles, providing a bright, traditional orchestral tambourine sound.


The Overture Castanet Machine: User-Friendly Design and Exceptional Sound

overture castanet machine

The Overture Castanet machine is one of the two new products that expand the Overture product line. The Castanet machine has a user-friendly design that's simple to operate, easy to play, and produces a fantastic sound. It is the perfect solution for percussionists who want a high-quality castanet sound without having to play the traditional hand-held castanets. The castanets can be adjusted for a tight or loose sound, and the machine has isolating feet that allow the machine to be played on a trap table or can be mounted on a cymbal stand with the threaded insert at the bottom of the frame. This is a perfect addition for any percussionist looking to expand their sound library or band and orchestras looking for an affordable castanet option.


The Overture Wood Block Set: Solid Construction and Sensible Value

overture wood block set

The second new product in the Overture series is the Wood Block Set. This set includes three different sized blocks (OV-WB1, OV-WB2, OV-WB3) that provide exceptional sound and sensible value. Made from high-quality materials; solid exotic Rubberwood, these blocks are designed to meet the needs of any percussionist who requires a world-class sound at a no-nonsense cost.


Passion for Percussion with Every Note

The Overture series by Black Swamp Percussion is a fantastic addition to the world of percussion. The Overture Castanet machine and Wood Block set join the popular Overture tambourine to expand the Overture product line. All instruments have been designed to meet the needs of any level of musician while maintaining a high standard of performance. We encourage you to explore the new Overture series and find an instrument that is perfect for you. Don't forget to follow Black Swamp Percussion on social media for news and updates on the Overture series and other exciting products.


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