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The Infiniti Snare System: Topside Internal Snare

Updated: Feb 28

Add more sensitivity, character and power to your Black Swamp snare drum with our Infiniti Snare System.

The Infiniti Snare System is a topside snare system that immediately adds power, sensitivity and a unique timbre to the sound of your snare drum.



inside view of a black swamp multisonic snare drum with an infiniti snare system installed

The Infiniti system is a game-changer in snare drum technology. It features an internal snare unit, consisting of 12 strands of curly wire, strategically positioned beneath the batter head. Unlike conventional snare setups, the Infiniti operates independently from the main strainer system, offering unparalleled sensitivity and a distinctive timbre, especially at louder dynamics.

Internal Snare Design and Operation:

infiniti snare system engagement lever

Operational simplicity is at the core of the Infiniti Snare System. With an engagement knob located conveniently to the right of the strainer, activating or deactivating the unit is effortless. Additionally, a tension adjustment knob, situated on the opposite side, allows for fine-tuning the tension of the snare unit against the bottom head.

Hardware and Dampening:

Crafted with precision, the hardware of the Infiniti system boasts a low profile, ensuring unobtrusive integration with your drum setup. Every component is meticulously machined to guarantee a snug fit and smooth operation. Notably, the system incorporates an internal dampener, a signature feature of Black Swamp Percussion, which mitigates unwanted buzz and rattling when the snare unit is disengaged.

Installation and Compatibility:

The versatility of the Infiniti Snare System is impressive. It can be seamlessly installed on any wood shell drum with a depth of 5 inches or more. Whether you're acquiring a new drum from Black Swamp Percussion or looking to upgrade your existing Black Swamp snare, our team can accommodate your needs with precision installation services.

Why Curly Wire?

infiniti snare system curly wire cables

A question often asked is why we chose curly wire over guitar wire for the snare unit. The answer lies in rigorous testing and experimentation. While we explored various options, including guitar wire, it was the curly wire unit that met our exacting standards for performance and tonal quality.

Where to Buy:

Whether you're a discerning musician seeking enhanced sensitivity and clarity, an audition hopeful aiming to refine your dynamics, or a recording professional craving a distinctive sonic signature, the Infiniti Snare System delivers. Explore the possibilities, experience the difference, and elevate your drumming journey with Black Swamp Percussion.

Infiniti snare system can be installed on brand new Black Swamp drums or retrofitted to older Black Swamp drums. Contact us at or 800-557-0988 for pricing and shipping instructions.


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