So Percussion Group

"Black Swamp log drums give us the best possible sound in the most unorthodox situations.  We rely on the quality and durability to do our jobs on daily basis."​

Log Drums

When we set out to create log drums, we wanted to present a functional yet beautiful set of instruments. From our trend-setting flanged tongues with their curved cut divider, to the elegant finish, to the distinctive solid Walnut decorative dots, the beauty of our log drums is only matched by its earthy, authentic sound. But here is the most unique part - we make them with our own hands in our own shop. This is the BSP difference.

Log Drum Features

  • Solid rock maple soundboard

  • Target and Hi/Lo Markings

  • Flanged tongues create more focus and volume

  • Baltic Birch resonator box

  • Integrated handles for safe transport

  • Classy design, details, and finish

Black Swamp Small Log Drum, 20" Long - LOG1
Small, 20" Long - LOG1
Black Swamp Large Log Drum, 30" Long - LOG3
Large, 30" Long - LOG3
Black Swamp Medium Log Drum, 25" Long - LOG2
Medium, 25" Long - LOG2
Black Swamp X-Large Log Drum, 38" Long - LOG4
X-Large, 38" Long - LOG4

What Log Drum Should I Buy?

It's Your First Log Drum = Medium

Well Rounded Set = Medium / Large

Feeling Adventurous = Go For the Complete Set!

Black Swamp Log Drums are made with quality birch resonator boxes and Rock Maple soundboards.
Black Swamp puts a lot of skilled handcraftsmanship into each log drum.
Black Swamp Percussion log drums in the final finish stage.