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Streamline Your Setup with the Black Swamp Percussion MultiBass Drum

Updated: May 13

Are you tired of struggling with bulky percussion setups that eat up time and space? Look no further than Black Swamp Percussion's innovative MultiBass drums. Designed in collaboration with percussion virtuoso Morris Palter, these drums revolutionize performance convenience without compromising on sound quality. The MultiBass drum is a horizontal concert bass drum with height adjustable legs designed to be a portable and space saving solution for the modern percussionist. Let's delve into what makes these MultiBass drums a game-changer for percussionists of all levels.


Brief History of the MultiBass:

Morris Palter, Black Swamp Percussion artist

The MultiBass, introduced to the market in 2012, emerged from a collaborative effort with Morris Palter, an esteemed BSP Artist. Morris, much like numerous percussionists, was in pursuit of a bass drum that could seamlessly adapt to his multifaceted performance requirements. It wasn't merely about creating a drum that was innovative and well-designed; it also needed to offer user-friendly functionality while delivering an exceptional sound. These qualities are emblematic of both Black Swamp Percussion's commitment to excellence and the exacting standards set by Morris Palter.

Height Adjustable Legs:

The first standout feature of the MultiBass Drums is their unique design featuring three lightweight telescoping legs directly attached to the shell. This innovative construction allows for hassle-free transport and rapid setup. With adjustable heights ranging from approximately 20 to 44 inches, performers can effortlessly customize the drum's position to suit their specific needs. Gone are the days of struggling with snare stands and folding chairs – embrace unparalleled control and versatility with Black Swamp Percussion's MultiBass Drums.

Low Profile Wood Hoops:

Say goodbye to stick interference during performances, thanks to the low-profile wood hoops integrated into the design of these MultiBass Drums. Custom die-cast mini lugs seamlessly blend with the classy arch-style lugs on the shell, ensuring a sleek and professional aesthetic while maximizing playability.

Premium Construction and Sound:

Crafted from five-ply maple shells with custom bearing edges, Black Swamp Percussion's MultiBass Drums deliver a rich, warm, and punchy sound that stands out in any performance setting. Available in diameters ranging from 18 to 24 inches and featuring a 16-inch depth, these drums cater to diverse spatial and tonal requirements. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of a traditional concert black finish or the distinctive allure of a figured anigre veneer, there's a MultiBass Drum to suit every preference.

Explore More: BSP MultiLegs:

Black Swamp MultiLegs

If you're not ready to invest in a complete drum, consider our BSP MultiLegs – a set of three adjustable legs designed to attach to the wood hoop of any existing drum. Discover a cost-effective solution to enhance the versatility of your percussion setup without breaking the bank.

Whether you're seeking a compact solution for tight performance spaces or craving a versatile instrument with unmatched sound quality, Black Swamp Percussion's MultiBass Drums offer the perfect blend of convenience and excellence. Explore our website or YouTube channel for detailed specifications and captivating sound samples to inform your purchasing decision.


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