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TD2 tambourine jingle

SoundArt Series

Phosphor Bronze Tambourines

Phosphor Bronze jingles produce a dark sound that will become more wet, or increase sustain, over time. Bronze has a ringing quality that produces beautiful color and rolls.

10" Double Row / Calf head
model: TD2

TD2 Phopshor Bronze Tambourine

10" Double Row / Remo head
model: TD2S

TD2S Phosphor Bronze Tambourine

Head Comparison Video

Synthetic head tambourines offer more resistance to pitch changes while still producing a professional sound. 

10" Single Row / Calf head
model: TS2

Black Swamp Percussion TS2 tambourine

Included with every BSP tambourine

Black Swamp padded tambourine case

A plush padded

tambourine bag

(10" tambourines only)

model: TB-10

Black Swamp thumb roll beeswax

Super turbocharged

thumb roll beeswax

model: BWX

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