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Tambourine Works

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"Your REACH is Well..."

"Your REACH is Well..."

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tambourine trio


Wesley Sumpter

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Help Support Lineage Percussion

Wesley, Lauren and Trevor will be performing "Your REACH is Well..." at the Stellenbosch International Chamber Music Festival held in South Africa this summer. Help support their travels for this exciting performance opportunity by making a donation using the following link.

About the Piece

"My idea for the piece was to showcase the tambourine in unconventional ways. The beginning utilizes specific parts of the tambourine to create a rain/glass wind chime effect that sets the background for improvised solos by each player. Each solo can represent the personality of the player or a natural aspect, such as the four elements. This eventually swells into a short but energetic groove combining the elements of samba, traditional playing techniques and new found sounds of the instrument. The piece ends similar to its beginning with a few added colors that taper off into the distance." - Wesley

Trevor (left) and Wesley (center) are using a double row German Silver tambourine. Lauren (right) is performing with a double row Chromium 25 & Phosphor Bronze mix tambourine. Click the pics for more info.

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