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Introducing the Black Swamp Pro Concert Castanet Machine

Updated: Feb 14

A Castanet Machine for the Professional Percussionist.


What is a Castanet Machine?

Black Swamp Percussion Pro concert castanet machine

A castanet machine is a percussion instrument that allows the player to create articulate rhythms while keeping their hands free. It consists of a pair of castanets mounted on a base which can be mounted on a stand or table. The castanets are played by striking them with your hands. Castanet machines are often used in traditional Spanish dancing, as well as in other genres of music, such as flamenco, Latin jazz, and world music. They are also a popular choice for bands, orchestras and other ensembles.

Here are some of the benefits of using a castanet machine:

  • It allows the player to create more complex rhythms than they would be able to with traditional castanets.

  • It frees up the player's hands to easily transition between instruments.

  • It is a more durable option than traditional castanets, as it is less likely to be damaged if dropped or mishandled.

The Black Swamp Pro Concert Castanet Machine is the ultimate addition to your percussion set up. This new castanet machine was designed in tandem with the Overture Castanet Machine, but boasts higher-end design features and a range of sonic opportunities. Whether you're performing on stage or in the pit, this machine is perfect for professional percussionists who want to elevate their sound.

Design and Base

Black Swamp Percussion concert castanet machine

The Pro Castanet Machine is different from the Castanet Mounting Frame Model (PCMF) in that it has castanets attached directly to the frame, while the mounting frame has holes and rubber grommets that hold a pair of BSP handled castanets. The Pro Castanet Machine has a sweet mounting system that makes it easy to attach to a cymbal stand or place on a trap table for performance. The base of the Pro Castanet Machine is manufactured in two parts from segments of solid ash, which gives it a clean look and solid construction. The bottom section has isolating feet for resting on a trap table and a threaded insert for mounting on a cymbal stand. A wing nut is provided to help secure the machine to a stand, making it easy to position the instrument wherever it’s most accessible in your setup.

Total Tension Adjustment

The top section of the Pro Castanet

Black Swamp Percussion castanet machine mounting system

Machine has a unique design that holds the castanets in place using the same design as the popular BSP handled castanet models. This simple, elastic-free design means there's no frustrating cord or elastic to stretch or break. The knobs on the top not only hold the T-flange in place, but also rotate smoothly to dial in your desired castanet tension. This feature is particularly helpful when you want your castanets looser or tighter depending on the specific rhythms or musical passages being performed.

Customize Your Castanet Performance

installing alternative castanet cups for the black swamp cast

The Pro Castanet Machine is assembled with Grenadillo castanets, producing a full sound and exceptional projection. Lumber is machined, sanded, and paired by hand in the BSP facility, resulting in superior sound quality and consistency. But, if you're in the mood to experiment, the Pro Castanet Machine has another super cool feature. The stock Grenadillo castanets can be easily replaced with alternate wood options, such as Purpleheart, Maple, or Zebrawood castanet cups that are available for purchase separately. You can swap out the full set or mix and match to explore contrasting sonic options and diversify your sound. We've made sound samples of each option that you can listen to on our YouTube Channel.

The Black Swamp Pro Concert Castanet Machine is an excellent investment for percussionists who want to elevate their sound. It's designed with higher-end features and sonic opportunities, making it perfect for professional performances.


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