"My Black Swamp triangles are indispensable. I consistently recommend the Artisan series to my students at the University of Tennessee for a classic sound in our wind bands and orchestra, while reserving the Spectrum series instruments for moments that require a more complex overtone spectrum."

Andy Bliss - University of Tennessee

Triangles, Beaters, & Accessories

Capture the right sound for the musical moment with our broad selection of triangle sounds. We offer steel and brass triangles along with a complete choice of beaters and holding devices. Precise manufacturing methods and rigorous quality control ensures that you will receive an instrument worthy of your lifetime of music making.


Artisan™ Triangles

Our Artisan™ steel triangles have found their way into the world's best concert halls because of their versatile sound and excellent playability. The Artisan™ line is a great starting point for any triangle collection due to their ability to produce articulate rhythms, seamless rolls, and an extraordinary dynamic range. With 4 distinct sizes, you'll have all the sounds you need for classic and contemporary works.

  • A broad overtone response throughout their wide dynamic range.

  • Precisely bent corners make rolls easier.

  • E-plating protects the metal from corrosion, but is .0005 inches thin and does not interfere with overtones.

  • Triangle has three sides for increased triangularity.

Black Swamp 4" Artisan Triangle
4" Artisan - AT4
Black Swamp 6" Artisan Triangle
6" Artisan - AT6
Black Swamp 8" Artisan Triangle
8" Artisan - AT8
Black Swamp 10" Artisan Triangle
10" Artisan - AT10

Legacy Bronze™ Triangles

The Legacy Bronze™ triangles produce a refined musical sound full of overtones and lush sonorities. We artfully designed these triangles to retain shimmer at more delicate dynamics without peaking out at louder dynamics like some "lite" triangles will. Each one is handcrafted individually using the highest grade bronze available. 

  • A lush and brilliant overtone spread.

  • Significant length of sustain - actually had to shorten the sound sample below - they ring that long.

  • Rolls and single notes are especially marvelous. 

  • Buy two sides of the triangle, get the third side free.

5" Legacy Bronze™
6" Legacy Bronze™
7" Legacy Bronze™
8" Legacy Bronze™

"Black Swamp Percussion instruments are of unequaled quality and craftsmanship. In the teaching studio or in the concert hall, I have complete confidence that these precision instruments will perform at the highest level. I trust my performance to Black Swamp."

T. Adam Blackstock - Troy University

Select™ Triangle Beaters

  • Finely crafted stainless steel beaters in single or double sets.

  • Color coded grip for quick identification.

  • Each set includes a Cordura case.

  • Great for general purpose use

Select™ Triangle Beaters are made from quality stainless steel and serve as great general use beaters. Select™ beaters are not only great for rolling, but can be much better for making fast rhythmic passages more distinct as opposed to having them sound like a roll. Choose the right tool for the musical situation!

Black Swamp Select™ Single Set - SET1
Select™ Single Set - SET3
Black Swamp Select™ Double Set - SET2
Select™ Double Set - SET6

Spectrum™ Triangle Beaters

Spectrum Triangle Beaters are guaranteed to produce the maximum overtone spread for any triangle. Our special bronze alloy is superior to common brass beaters because the bronze does not "mush" or become excessively dented like brass. Softened and dented brass ends, over time, make for inconsistent tone production.

  • Exclusive bronze alloy, end-weighted beaters.

  • Maximum spread from any triangle.

  • Available in 3 torpedo and 1 teardrop style.

  • Stainless steel handles with rubber comfort grip.

  • Sets include Cordura bag.

Black Swamp Spectrum Single Triangle Beater Set SPSET1
Spectrum Single Set - SPSET1
5/16" Spectrum Beater - SPEC2
5/16" Spectrum Btr - SPEC2
Black Swamp Spectrum Double Triangle Beater Set SPSET2
Spectrum Double Set - SPSET2
3/8" Spectrum Beater - SPEC3
3/8" Spectrum Btr - SPEC3
1/4" Spectrum Btr - SPEC1
1/4" Spectrum Btr - SPEC1
Black Swamp Teardrop Beater - SPEC4
Teardrop Beater - SPEC4

Triangle Accessories

Triangle Gig Pack
Triangle Gig Pack
Triangle Gig Pack
Triangle Gig Pack - TGP

The Triangle Gig Pack is a nice way to organize all your triangle gig needs. Because c'mon, triangle playing is bread and butter, and you need to arrive in style. 

It has pockets for beaters, holders/clips, and holds triangles up to 9". It all zips up into a nice handled case. Beaters, clips, and triangles are not included.

"I've paired all of these instruments with a Triangle Gig Pack, so I know anytime I have a performance or am heading out to work with an ensemble, I'm walking in with a full selection of the most professional sounding instruments on the market." - Andy Bliss, University of Tennessee

Triangle Clip - TRCLIP
Black Swamp Up to 8" Triangle Bag - ATSB
Small Triangle Bag - ATSB
holds up to a single 8" triangle
Black Swamp Up to 10" Triangle Bag - ATLB
Large Triangle Bag - ATLB
holds up to a single 10" triangle
Black Swamp 3 Pouch Beater Case - ATBC3
3 Pouch Beater Case - ATBC3

I designed my Triangle Trigger to solve problems that regularly come up in solo, chamber, and theatre performance settings. Because of its exceptional adjustability, it can be used with a wide variety of triangles, beaters, and finger cymbals, affording the percussionist nearly limitless options." - Anthony Di Sanza, University of Wisconsin (Madison) 

Di Sanza Triangle Trigger
Crotale Mount for DTT
Crotale Mount for DTT
Di Sanza Triangle Trigger - DTT

Designed in collaboration with Anthony Di Sanza, the DTT allows for exceptional triangle performance using sticks, mallets or hands. The Di Sanza Triangle Trigger isn't meant to replace holding and striking the triangle in a traditional manner, but provides a solution to performance situations where time won't allow it: musical theatre, multiple percussion, limited personnel.

Click here for more detailed information and videos!

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3/8" Spectrum Beater - SPEC3