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Striking the Perfect Balance: A Look At Our Most Popular Snare Drum

Updated: Mar 8

We're delving deep into the heart of our most beloved snare drum: the Ply-Maple Multisonic Snare.

Renowned for its adaptability, the Ply-Maple Multisonic Snare Drum is a staple in concert halls, rehearsal spaces, and percussion studios worldwide. Its versatility, coupled with exceptional build quality, makes it the go-to choice for discerning players. Whether performing solo or as part of an ensemble, this drum delivers consistent performance, ensuring optimal sound quality and projection in any musical environment.


Drum Shell

ply-maple drum shell without hardware in a black gloss finish

Maple shells are a common staple for snare drum construction, and for good reason! Each drum undergoes meticulous craftsmanship, from CNC machining of hardware holes to the routing of snare beds and bearing edges. Crafted from a seven-ply maple shell, this drum offers a balanced blend of warmth and sensitivity essential for versatile drumming and repertoire. The maple shell construction provides depth and clarity, making it suitable for various musical styles and settings. This balance ensures optimal performance, allowing players to seamlessly transition between genres and venues without compromise.

Interested in the differences between wooden and metal snare drums? Check out our blog post detailing everything you need to know:

ply-maple drum shell bearing edge close up without hardware in a black gloss finish

Engineered with precision, the Ply-Maple Multisonic Snare Drum features a rounded bearing edge with an inner 45-degree angle, minimizing contact with both the batter and snare side heads for enhanced projection and clarity. The snare beds on this drum allow for the cable snare units to wrap easily from the snare size to the strainer and butt of the instrument. This maintains a consistent contact with the snare side head allowing each cable type to activate at the appropriate dynamic range.

ply-maple drum shell snare bed close up

With its 5 by 14-inch dimensions, this snare drum strikes a balance between presence and articulation. The versatile size caters to diverse musical demands, offering deep, resonant tones and crisp, articulate attacks. Whether performing in intimate venues or expansive concert halls, this drum delivers consistent performance, ensuring optimal sound projection and clarity.


Black Swamp Percussion 5 by 14 inch ply-maple multisonic snare drum with a cherry rosewood gloss finish

Each Black Swamp Multisonic snare is outfitted with our custom Arch Tube lugs. These are not only visually striking but provide minimal contact with the shell to enhance the resonance of the instrument. Stainless steel tension rods are used for each drum and allow for robust fine tuning and a lifetime of use. Die-cast hoops ensure tuning stability on both sides of the drum, while Remo Renaissance heads deliver consistent performance in orchestral environments.

Multisonic Snare System

the multisonic strainer snare system

Equipped with the Multisonic snare system, this drum offers unparalleled control over sound quality and response. The five tension-adjustable snare units allow drummers to customize their tone to suit their preferences and performance settings. From delicate nuances to thunderous fills, this innovative technology empowers drummers to express themselves with precision and creativity.

These components collectively elevate sound quality, providing drummers with a reliable tool for achieving their desired tone.

Snare Drum Sound Sample

The Ply-Maple Multisonic Snare Drum offers practical features and benefits designed to enhance percussion performance. From its balanced maple construction to its precision-engineered components and innovative Multisonic technology, this drum sets the standard for reliability and versatility. Explore the endless possibilities of rhythm and sound with Black Swamp Percussion's Ply-Maple Multisonic Snare Drum, and elevate your performance to new heights.


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