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Drum Foundry

A note from Eric Sooy, President and founder of Drum Foundry and Black Swamp Percussion.

Where am I?

I know... you were looking for and ended up here. Some people do not know that Drum Foundry is a division of Black Swamp Percussion, a manufacturer of premium-quality concert and orchestral percussion. I started Drum Foundry as a supplier of parts for the drum building community in 2007. Since then we have gone through some changes, and here's another one: we have made the decision to take down the stand-alone website for Drum Foundry products and discontinue certain product lines. Effective 12/1/2022, we will no longer be selling Keller drum shells or our famous Layout Mat. However, our hardware products will still be available as usual through DaVille Drumworks (more on that below).


The Black Swamp Percussion side of our business continues to grow every year. In fact, we have experienced record growth in the last 2 years. We want and need to give our full attention to BSP and provide the highest quality percussion instruments to our dealers and customers worldwide. Anyone who has owned and operated a growing business knows that it takes a lot of effort and mental bandwidth. After nearly 28 years in business, Black Swamp is still my #1 priority.

So What is Going to Be Available?

We will still be selling our hardware through DaVille Drumworks. Ordering and payment will be done through www.davilledrumworks.comClick here to go the ordering page at  Our Arch2 and GN, and Tube Lugs are available, as well as the Arch Throwoff.


Keller Maple Shells and the Layout Mat

As stated above, we will no longer be selling Keller shells and the Layout Mat. Here is some additional information based on a few very common questions that I get asked:
Can you give or sell to me the graphic file for the Layout Mat?
We do not give away or sell that file.
Do you still sell the Snare Bed Cutter or the Wrap Trimmer? Do you have any new old stock?

We do not have any new old stock of these items, and we will not be manufacturing these again.

I would like to personally thank everyone who has been a part of Drum Foundry over the years. If you've never been here before, please take a look around! We make a lot of exceptional musical instruments.

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