Doug Perkins - Boston Conservatory, Meehan/Perkins Duo

My individual sound is defined by my instrument choices and my Black Swamp woodblocks are a big part of it.  I love their tone and can get what I want out of them in many situations. AND they are built to last!

Doug Perkins - Boston Conservatory, Meehan/Perkins Duo

Rock Maple Woodblocks

Aren't all maple woodblocks basically the same? Nope. There's more to it than is obvious. The sound quality of a woodblock is dependent upon the quality of maple, the orientation of the grain, and the precise machining of the slot. The obsessive attention we pay to these details is why our woodblocks outperform other Maple woodblocks in sound quality and durability. 

It doesn't take much for us to toss out a piece of maple that doesn't meet our strict standards. We get our maple from the northern hinterlands, where the stock is clear, tight-grained, and perfect for woodblocks. We orient the grain perpendicular to the slot prior to machining the slot with our CNC, which makes the sounding board extremely strong and consistent in sound. 

  • Prime, tight-grain, clear rock maple

  • Vertical grain soundboards increase strength and projection

  • Clear tone with generous sweet spot

  • Stem inserted bottom bumpers won't peel off like the other guy's

  • BSP is not responsible when you peeve off the people near you on the stage.

Tiny - MWB4
5.5" long
Small - MWB3
6.5" long
Medium - MWB2
8" long
Black Swamp Medium Woodblock MWB2
Black Swamp Small Woodblock MWB1
Black Swamp Tiny Woodblock MWB0
Black Swamp Large Woodblock MWB3
Large - MWB1
8.75" long
Black Swamp Extra Large Woodblock MWB4
X-Large - MWB0
10.5" long

What Woodblock Should I Buy?

It's Your First Woodblock = Medium

Well Rounded Set = Small / Medium / Large

Feeling Adventurous = Go For the Complete Set!

Woodblock Multiclamp Mount Kit 

Black Swamp Woodblock Multiclamp Mount Kit
This stuff is included
(plus directions)

Our clamp attaches to the back of your Rock Maple Woodblock using supplied screws, grommets and clamp.  The clamp fits a standard 3/8" knurled post for convenient placement in multi-percussion set ups, marching band or drum corps auxillary set ups, or claustrophobic theatre pit set ups.


Our clamp is superior to other mounts or clamps because of the unique grommet isolation between the clamp and the woodblock. This gives the block a little "flex", which greatly reduces risk of damage when compared to direct mount systems where the clamp is installed directly into the sides of the woodblock. Woodblock is not included.

Click to see the exciting directions
Black Swamp Woodblock Mount
Here it is installed
(woodblock sold separately)