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Which Triangle Should I Buy?

Black Swamp Percussion makes a variety of triangles & beaters, so we have put together this little guide to help you make the right buying decision! Here's a few of our suggestions.

Steel vs. Bronze

Black Swamp manufactures two series of triangles: Artisan and Legacy Bronze. Artisan steel triangles offer a "traditional" triangle sound, great for general purpose performance. Our Legacy Bronze models produce a far more lush sonority, ideal for more isolated, non-rhythmic passages.  

AT6 1200px.jpg

If you're purchasing your very first triangle (congratulations) or looking to tackle a wide range of musical applications, pick up our Artisan model AT6. This 6" steel triangle is at home in any performance setting, boasting a pure tone, excellent sustain and clear articulation when needed. Want a little more "oomph", look at the 8" version, model AT8.

Is sustain and complex harmonic texture more your thing? Then explore our Legacy Bronze models. We suggest starting with our most popular LBT6. Another 6" model, but the size covers a lot of musical ground. Again, if you're thinking a bigger size, check out the runner up: LBT7.

LBT6 1200px.jpg
6" Artisan
6" Bronze
Beater Choices

Playing triangle is always easier with a beater (and orphaned tension rods don't count). Like our triangles, we offer two contrasting beaters styles, each serving their own purpose.

SET3 1200px.jpg

Select models are traditional rod style beaters, for another great general purpose option. Plus, the steel construction adds a little bit of "tick" to the sound, which helps perform articulate rhythms more clearly.

SPSET-1 1200px.jpg

End-weighted Spectrum triangle beaters will help pull more fundamental and sustain out of your triangle. Basically a fuller, richer sound when compared to Select beaters. Pair them with a Legacy Bronze triangle and your world will change forever.

SPEC4 1200px.jpg

If your budget, parent, or significant other will only allow you to purchase a single beater, make it the Spectrum SPEC4 model. The unique teardrop shape helps address performance of dynamics more confidently, and will sound great on any triangle size, material (or shape).

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