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Instrument Accessory Overview

Not only do we manufacture lines of World Class percussion instruments, but we also design accessories to help enhance and simplify your performance experience!


Below is a quick overview of our instrument accessory items.

RecPlate Mounting System

The BSP RecPlate...a versatile mounting system...was developed in response to the new sounds and literature making its way into the percussionist's repertoire...which might require a more complex and flexible setup. The plate features numerous hooks, slots and notches to accommodate a variety of free-floating auxiliary instruments, beaters, mallets, bows, or anything else you can dream up.

black swamp recplate
black swamp multileg set

Inspired by our landmark MultiBass, use the BSP MultiLegs in your studio or performance hall when you have to mount a bass drum seamlessly into a multi-percussion setup. 


MultiLegs are lightweight, compact, and attach securely to any size drum with wood hoops. The telescoping function is also a great feature for students or percussionists who need to use the same instrument at different heights.

Tambourine OneMount

The versatile OneMount™ is the only tambourine clamp you'll need for orchestra, band, percussion, or musical theater setups. The OneMount quickly clamps onto a cymbal top or 3/8" rod, and will hold any size or brand concert, studio or shaky-shake tambourine.

black swamp onemount
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