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Carbon Fiber Timpani Mallets

Black Swamp Carbon Fiber Timpani Mallets offer all the performance aspects of bamboo plus the added benefits of pitch matched shafts and zero chance of splitting. We use high quality German felt, meticulously hand-sewn and fitted to each core. The entire set of Black Swamp timpani mallets will give you a broad sound pallet that is perfect for all genres of timpani repertoire.

timpani shaft

Carbon fiber is consistently straight and round with exceptional feel and response. Diameters are 9/16" and 1/2" (CF5 & CF6).

timpani mallet head

A mixture of wood and leather cores, diameters and inner felts help produce pure, smooth tones.

timpani felt mallet head

High quality German felt is sewn by hand and fitted to each core for a precise fit.

timpani mallet selection

Our set of seven mallets covers a spectrum of contrasting, sounds textures and dynamic possibilities.

Hard / Red
model: CF1

Black Swamp Carbon Fiber mallet CF1

A wood core with a thin layer of exterior felt for an articulate mallet, but less aggressive than the super staccato (CF7) mallet.

9/16" shaft diameter.

Medium Hard / Green
model: CF2

Black Swamp Carbon Fiber mallet CF2

A larger wood core and thicker layer of exterior felt for less initial attack than the CF1.  Excellent all purpose rhythmic mallet.

9/16" shaft diameter.

General / Purple
model: CF3

Black Swamp Carbon Fiber mallet CF3

Inner and exterior felt around a wood core produces a well balanced mallet suitable for both rhythmic and sustained passages. 

9/16" shaft diameter.

Legato / Orange
model: CF4

Black Swamp Carbon Fiber mallet CF4

Two layers of sewn felt over a wood core creates a mallet with a big, full sound. Excellent for more melodic passages.

9/16" shaft diameter.

Leather Legato / White
model: CF5

Black Swamp Carbon Fiber mallet CF5

The leather core and cartwheel style felt helps produce seamless rolls and perform delicate passages more comfortably. 

1/2" shaft diameter.

Light Legato / Red Felt
model: CF6

Black Swamp Carbon Fiber mallet CF6

A thin layer of red felt over a leather core. Perfect for extreme articulation at softer dynamics, or less aggressive musical styles.

1/2" shaft diameter.

Super Staccato / Black Felt
model: CF7

Black Swamp Carbon Fiber mallet CF7

A large wood core with black felt covering results in our most aggressive mallet.  Useful for solo literature and pieces requiring powerful articulation.

9/16" shaft diameter.

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