Carbon Fiber Timpani Mallets

Black Swamp Carbon Fiber Timpani Mallets offer all the performance aspects of bamboo plus the added benefits of pitch matched shafts and zero chance of splitting. We use high quality German felt, meticulously hand-sewn and fitted to each core. The entire set of Black Swamp timpani mallets will give you a broad sound pallet that is perfect for all genres of timpani repertoire.

CF1 - Hard (Red) - Carbon Fiber Timpani Mallet

A wood core with a thinner layer of exterior felt than the CF2 and CF3 for an articulate mallet, but less aggressive than the super staccato (CF7) mallet.

CF2 - Medium Hard (Green) - Carbon Fiber Timpani Mallet

A larger wood core and thicker layer of exterior felt for less initial attack than the CF1(hard), but more articulation than the CF3 (general).  Functions well as an all-purpose rhythmic mallet.

CF3 - General (Purple) - Carbon Fiber Timpani Mallet

An additional felt strip around a wood core, combined with the same exterior felt as the CF2 (medium hard), produces a well balanced mallet suitable for both rhythmic and sustained passages.  Ideal for applications when time is limited to switch from an articulate mallet to a cartwheel or legato mallet.

CF4 - Legato (Orange) - Carbon Fiber Timpani Mallet

Two layers of sewn felt over a wood core, with the exterior felt being the thickest of all models, creates a mallet with a big, full sound.  The minimal articulation and round tone performs well for more melodic, singing passages.

CF5 - Leather Legato (White) - Carbon Fiber Timpani Mallet

The leather core and 1/2" diameter shaft of our cartwheel mallet makes it easy to produce seamless rolls and perform delicate passages more comfortably. Great for a blending, supportive sound.

CF6 - Light Legato (Red Felt) - Carbon Fiber Timpani Mallet

A thin layer of red felt over a leather core, combined with a 1/2" diameter shaft, produces a highly articulate mallet without the intensity and projection of our wood core staccato mallet.  Perfect for extreme articulation at softer dynamics or less aggressive musical styles.

CF7 - Super Staccato (Black Felt) - Carbon Fiber Timpani Mallet

When it's time to let it all hang out! A large wood core with black felt covering, on a .56" diameter shaft, results in our most aggressive carbon fiber mallet.  Useful for solo literature and more contemporary pieces requiring powerful articulation or contrasting timbre.

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