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Medallion Brass Dynamicx Drums

Medallion Brass drums are crafted from a 1.0mm thick brass shell with rolled edges. Shells are custom made, and the deeper and narrower snare beds expand the voice of these drums according to how loose or tight you like the snare wires and heads. 

Dynamicx Medllion Brass Drum, engraved

Not your typical brass shell drum

  • Torch Patina or Black Nickel Finish

  • Arch tube lugs

  • 2.3mm steel hoops

  • RCK throwoff with Dynamicx 20 strand wires

  • Available in 5" and 6.5" x 14" sizes.

  • Engraving is available, cost is dependent upon pattern.

6.5" x 14" Sound Sample

Dyx Live 6514 Medallion Brass Patina - 2

6.5" x 14" Medallion Brass

With Torched Patina finish

Included with every Dynamicx Snare Drum

The Black Swamp drum key is made to last a lifetime!
Keep your Black Swamp Drum looking fine with the BSP Microfiber cleaning cloth.
ballad snares.jpg

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Dyx Sterling 6514 Bocote - 2016 trans 80

Sterling Series

Dyx Live 6514 Curly Ambrosia 1200px.jpg

Live! Series

Backbeat Ebony 6.5 x 14 800px.jpg

BackBeat Series

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