The Infiniti Snare System Explained

The Infiniti Snare System™ is a modern realization of the top side (or batter side) snare system pioneered by the original Ludwig Super Sensitive drum in the late 1920s. By placing additional snares to the underside of the batter head, a completely new timbre was added to the drum. While the top side snare had been implemented by various manufacturers in subsequent years, most were applied to pipe and marching drums.

Our new design was focused from the ground up on concert drums, and improves on every aspect of its predecessors. The CNC machined hardware allows for an unobtrusive design and accurate on/off action.

A fine tune lever makes adjusting the snare response completely intuitive. 

With the Infiniti snare turned off, you'll get your normal snare drum sound. With the Infiniti engaged, the drum sound becomes more focused, and an incredible amount of sensitivity and power is added to the drum.

The Infiniti Snare System is available as an add-on to new BSP drums as well as ones purchased previously. Give us a call to find out more at 800-557-0988.

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