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Infiniti Internal Snare System

The Infiniti Snare System is a topside snare system that immediately adds power, sensitivity and a unique timbre to the sound of your snare drum.

Infiniti_full snares.png

Internal Snare Unit

A 12 strand curly wire unit runs underneath the batter head, and can be engaged separately from the main snare system. 


The CNC machined hardware allows for an unobtrusive design, snug fit and accurate on/off action.

Infiniti_curly wire.png


Infiniti_engagement knob.png
Infiniti_fine tune.png

The lever just to the right of the drum's strainer turns the Infiniti System on & off. On the opposite side of the drum, a fine tune lever makes adjusting the snare response simple and intuitive. 

How it Sounds

With the Infiniti snare turned off, you'll get your normal snare drum sound. With the Infiniti engaged, the drum sound becomes more focused, and an incredible amount of sensitivity and power is added to the drum.


The Infiniti Snare System can be added to any Black Swamp snare drum with a wood shell, 5" or deeper. Contact your preferred dealer for pricing and availability of a new drum.


Want to retrofit the Infiniti System to a BSP drum you already own? Contact us at or 800-557-0988 for pricing and shipping instructions.

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