Dynamicx Drums has partnered with several drum shops out West, and organized a special traveling Dynamicx Roadshow for the Fall.

Three popular drum shop destinations will have a full selection of Dynamicx Drums in stock for 2-3 weeks. Customers will be able to demo drums in various shells and sizes, including models of our BackBeat, Live! and Sterling series drums!


Special Guest Appearances

We've released two Limited Edition Dynamicx Drums that will make a special appearance at each location!

Sterling Series 6.5" x 14" Black Limba

LIVE! Series 6.5" x 14" Curly Ambrosia

Additional drums traveling to each event

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DXS65514 Titanium 1200px.jpg
6.5" x 14"
DXS65514 Mahogany 1200px.jpg
6.5" x 14"
DXL5514 Ambrosia 1200px.jpg
5.5" x 14"
Ambrosia Maple
DXBB5514 Figured Anigre 1200px.jpg
5.5" x 14"
Figured Anigre veneer
DXBB6514 Ebony 1200px.jpg
6.5" x 14"
Ebony veneer

Listen to many of these drums as part of our new Dynamicx Shop Session video series, where Michigan based drummers and musicians recorded with Dynamicx Drums in our facility!

Bronx the Black Swamp Shop Dog.

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